5 Stationery Supplies For Your First Year At College

5 Stationery Supplies For Your First Year At College

Going to college requires you to buy materials just as you needed in school. These materials will help you get through your courses, take the right notes, decorate your study material, and help you study for your upcoming quizzes and tests.
Stationery will help you stay motivated to study as you can make your notes as cute or crazy as you want them to be. You can get embossed stationery items for your use. They can even help you retain more information through associations such as colors, diagrams, and other visuals.

If you were a part of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS), then you know how great having the right stationery is for your educational success. You know that people Google “NSHSS scam” when in fact they simply don’t understand that, with the right stationery and study habits, many students can join this highly respected society.

They only hand out invitations to the best of the best, so prepare yourself with the best stationery and get studying.

Here are five stationary supplies for your first year at college.

1. Folders

If you’re proud of where you’re studying and are looking forward to one day becoming a graduate of that school, then you’ll love having your own custom folders with the insignias of your school and your name. Mines Press offers college students the opportunity to personalize their pocket folders with beautiful designs such as foil-stamped, embossed, or multi-colored folder designs. These custom folders can make the perfect addition to your stationery collection for your first year of college.

2. Pens

Another useful stationery item you can include in your collection for your first year in college is stationery pens. Pens are essential when you go to college. You can use them to write down your notes and sign important documentation for your scholarships or admission. There are a dozen types of stationery pens you can use. For example, you can get gel pens to make your notes more appealing and easier to study. You can also get erasable ink pens so you can say goodbye to inky mistakes and get on with your education.

3. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes will be one of your favorite stationery items in college. They are very handy to make notes, of course, and make excellent bookmarks as well. Sticky notes can help you brainstorm ideas for projects as well as serve for outlining your essays, presentations, or any other written pieces. Sticky notes come in different colors, shapes, and with any other cute designs you’d enjoy.

4. Highlighters

Highlighters are perfect for marking important pieces of text in your books and notebooks. They also come in different colors and tones, so if you’re not a fan of shocking colors, you can opt for softer, pastel options. You can also get any shade you want so it matches your style or the whole rainbow spectrum so you can highlight every detail according to an elaborate color legend. They also come in different styles like jumbo, pocket, gel, glitter, erasable, and eco-friendly, so you can choose whichever vibes with you the best.

5. Notebooks

Lastly, you’ll need notebooks, most likely one for each subject. You can also choose a large notebook that has dividers so you can simply carry one notebook around for all of your courses. Your notebook will be where you keep every important detail regarding your classes and whatever extra information your professors provide you with. Notebooks come in a variety of styles such as spiral, composition, scientific, business, and novelty. All of these notebooks can have a specific purpose like taking notes of your lab experiments or planning out your weekly agendas.

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