5 Ways To Attract New Clients And Retain Them With Games

Competition is a healthy part of a free commerce society. However, in business, there are winners and losers.

To be one of the winners, you need to stand above the competition and attract people to your business. Having a sustainable client base assures that your profits do not overthrow your dividends. But how do you attract clients? A better question would be: how to attract clients and keep them coming back?

5 Ways to Attract New Clients and Retain Them With Games

The most logical step to get started with attracting clients is to evaluate what other businesses are doing. We will focus on gaming websites and apps with a large daily player base who keep coming back to enjoy different applications such as Cluedo online and other games, and use them as an example of ways to attract clients. We will go through key elements of their business model and the different tactics that they've implemented to create a self-sustaining lead generation funnel that churns out new clients by the bucket load.

Attract clients email marketing strategies

Whether you want to expand your business or attract clients fast, you should be proactive. Commercials and banners will only get you so much client-attracting traffic in a day – usually, you are lucky if users glance your way before continuing with their day. Not to mention the costs of such attraction. Implementing online marketing strategies to attract clients, such as advertising space on a popular website or sponsored content, could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. On the other hand, email marketing costs are flexible and affordable means to attract clients.

5 Ways To Attract New Clients And Retain Them With Games

Being proactive when attracting clients means that you seek out customers yourself rather than relying on passive means of advertising. Email marketing allows you to create mailing lists and target your message directly to clients who have a higher chance of responding. Unlike cold email marketing, which relies on reaching out to thousands upon thousands of people, with a return rate of 2%, email marketing platforms have a more tailored experience. 

Some of the best email marketing platforms to attract clients include:

• Constant Contact
• SendinBlue
• Drip
• AWeber
• Mailchimp

There are many other platforms to help you attract clients, but you'll have to look into it more if you want to learn how they function. Soon enough, you'll learn how to impress clients by email and have them visit your platform in no time. As a bonus, if you are wondering how to attract clients during Covid, email outreach is a no-contact, no-obligation way of communication. 

Attract clients by rewarding their time

Mr.Bet casino has used an excellent element of attracting clients online. It's actually rather simple: they reward the loyalty of their returning clients with bonuses or interactive games, which is the essence of attracting clients. It's a simple concept but an exceptionally profitable one because it not only stimulates clients to return for more but also helps attract clients who might not be familiar with the service.

We aren't going to discuss the deep psychology behind positive stimulation in attracting clients or Fogg's Behavior Model. Rather, let's put the concept of attracting clients into simple terms. A 'trigger' is something that provokes a user to take action. This action can be anything: go for a walk, take a drink of water, buy a product, etc. Triggers are used in TV shows, movies, advertisements, games, anywhere a business needs to attract clients and gain their attention. Triggers are not malicious or bad for the end-user. They simply exist to complete two functions:

• Make users aware of the trigger;
• Make users understand what this trigger means;

If we are asking 'How to attract better clients?', then using rewards and small dopamine boost triggers on your platform will create a neurological bridge. The client will associate this platform with having a good time and be more likely to return in the future. A good example of a trigger would be notifications on your phone. Reminding you of events is not the only function they carry. Most apps have built-in timers that count down every time you are not using them. When the time ticks to zero, a notification pops up on your phone screen letting you know of a 'deal' or an 'event.' That is a trigger.

Gamification as a hook

Let's build up on the reward system for loyal clients and take a few moments to mention the concept of gamification. Gamification applies game principles and game-design elements to a project that doesn't necessarily represent a video game. While the process of gamification has been used for different things, such as education and fun, it's more likely to be integrated into marketing or sales platforms for attracting and retaining customers.

5 Ways To Attract New Clients And Retain Them With Games

Many projects integrate Points or Badges as a sort of incentive to their platforms. Users perform desired actions and are rewarded with points as a form of currency. They can hold on to this currency and exchange it for something that they deem desirable. Gamification helps attract new clients since it hides the project's original purpose (make profits) and turns it into something more user-friendly. Once again, take an online casino such as Mr.bet. The goal of the website is to attract clients online and have them play their games. There is already an element of video game design in this concept of attracting users. However, the idea can be taken further if the project features daily login rewards or stamp systems that allow users to earn bonuses. Having something for 'free' makes people feel good. If it's under the guise of a game, people are more likely to have fun with it rather than see it as a manipulative attracting tactic. 

The concept of gamification is rather simplistic and can be brought down to one simple sentence: 'Attract new clients to business by allowing them to have fun.' Fun is the key word to attract and retain clients.

About the Author 

Jeremy Ambrose is a marketer who is also passionate about gaming. He believes that even the most complex concepts can be explained in simple terms while adding a fun element is the surest way to expand any business because it appeals to emotions and leaves a lasting impression on the clients.

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