6 Ways To Capture Emails Of Website Visitors

6 Ways To Capture Emails of Website Visitors

Easy Ways to Collect Email Addresses from a Website

Email newsletters are a helpful tool for online businesses. Using email newsletters, you may build and maintain long-term customer relationships, increase brand awareness, or be a source to generate leads.

One of the main steps in starting an email campaign is building a subscriber base. This article will tell how to collect email addresses from your website visitors using special programs like Email Hunter. Here we go.

Way 1. Offer a benefit in exchange for an email address

If you want to get user contacts to grow email list, give them something in return. This could be:

• free webinar, checklist, training materials;
• an invitation to a closed sale;
• promo code, discount, gift for a subscription.

Sky’s the limit to offer your audience lots of interesting benefits and keep them anticipating the new ones.

Way 2. Guest posting

Don't neglect the opportunity to write quality guest blog posts for building your email list. This is a chance to share expert opinions and attract new audiences.

How it works: find a site that is ready to host your article, write an interesting blog post, add a call to action there, and get mailing list subscriptions. Of course, you have to spend time writing quality content to keep your readers interested.

Way 3. Subscription during making a purchase

Customers are used to entering standard data when placing an order: first name, last name, shipping address, phone number and email address, etc. That is, they have already entered all the necessary information; your task is to invite them to receive letters from you. To do this, add the button “Subscribe to the newsletter” (or variations “Subscribe to discounts”, “Get the news”) next to the order form.

Way 4.  Social media advertising

If you have social media accounts (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook), advertise your newsletter there. You can also do this on thematic forums. For example, the forum discusses an issue where you may share your expert opinion. Do this, and at the same time mention that users may subscribe to the mailing list and receive even more expert and helpful information from you.

Way 5. Collecting contacts in chat on the site

When your site does not have a chat where visitors may ask questions, install it, any convenient service will do HelpCrunch, LiveChat, Intercom, and others.

Users often apply such chats to ask questions that interest them. Invite them to get an answer by mail. After the customer has left their contact data, ask if they would like to subscribe to the newsletter. Such a dialogue can be set in the online chat settings.

Way 6. Affiliate mailings, referral programs

An affiliate email is great if your audience is potentially interested in your product. For example, there are companies in your niche with a ready-made database of email addresses. You offer this company a partnership in which you mutually use each other's subscribers (send emails).

The advantages of such a deal is that it's free, both companies  use email scraping practices and get new sources of leads, and subscribers get even more discounts, useful information and special offers.

You may attract more subscribers using referral programs. To get users interested in participating in such, offer them additional bonuses for sharing a referral link.

Wrapping Up

As you see, there are multiple ways to collect email addresses from your website visitors and extend your database. To do this, use special parsing programs. And email parsing software is often used to optimize the process.  

Parsing is the process of extracting contact information from open sources. You may manually iterate over hundreds of pages, copying addresses from there, or you can run a parser that will collect contacts from sites in a few seconds for you and save your time.

 You may collect address databases from open sources, such as social networks, online directories, forums, message boards, and thematic sites, and so much more.

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