Convert EML to PST for Outlook in Easy Manner

Convert EML to PST for Outlook in Easy Manner

Users can convert EML data to PST file format and for this conversion, various methods are available. However, one technique is not suitable for another. So to explore the best solution for you, read this article. Here, you will learn reasons and methods to convert EML files into Outlook PST. 
EML is a single message file that stores complete details of a single message. It includes email content, sender information, recipient information, message date, subject, etc. The size of EML files is small as they store a single message. 
Personal Storage Table (PST) is Outlook data file that stores complete mailbox details. PST file has an advantage over EML file that it can save details equal to hundreds of EML files. It is one of the reasons for exporting EML database into PST format. But there are various reasons, let us know them. 

Why Arise Need for Conversion of EML files into PST Format?

A user wants to convert EML data items into PST format for Outlook due to many reasons. However here are some common reasons that led to migration of EML files. Also, it is important to know why users want to migrate email messages to Outlook files. 
• EML files are prone to corruption. They can corrupt easily than other file formats. So, exporting them into PST file format is an effective way to save your valuable information from corruption. 
• To open EML files, one needs an email client that supports this file format. On the other hand, PST files can be easily opened in MS Outlook. 
• EML files store single mail. When you save the entire mailbox as EML files. It takes more space. On the other hand, Outlook PST file stores entire emails with attachments. 
There are many reasons for EML migration but the above reasons are most prominent. Now, let us learn practices to import EML data files into Outlook data files. 

How to Convert EML data to PST for Outlook?

You can convert EML files into Outlook PST with various techniques. You can perform the conversion either using third-party EML to PST Converter software or using manual methods. To use manual methods, one needs technical knowledge. There are two methods to convert EML database to PST file for Outlook. 
 Manual Method
 Professional or Automatic Method

Manual Approaches to Export EML data files into Outlook PST format

1. By Using Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook

In this method, you need Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook both. By using their inbuilt features, one can export EML to Outlook. 
Given below are the steps:
o Run Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail software as administrator. 
o In Windows Live Mail, click on File menu. 
o Select Export Email option and select Email messages. 
o Choose Microsoft Exchange in export option and click next. 
o This will open a pop-up that states to export emails into Microsoft Outlook. Click OK. 
o Select required emails from mailbox folder to migrate and then press OK. 
o Hit OK button and this will start the migration. After finishing, an export wizard will appear. Click on Finish button. 

2. Drag and Drop EML files

It is a simple method that needs Microsoft Outlook installation in your system. This method is suitable when you have limited EML files because you need to save EML files at separate location in your system. Also, drag & drop method is the best option when you don’t have any email client to open EML files. 
Here are the steps:
 Open MS Outlook on your system. 
 Go to the directory where your EML data files are saved.
 Select desired EML files to migrate. 
 Move the pointer and place it in Inbox of MS Outlook and release it. 
 This will move EML files into Outlook by converting them into PST format. 

3. Export EML files using Outlook Express

Using Outlook Express, one can export EML data items into PST file. Drag EML files in Outlook Express. 
It configures EML files with Outlook Express. Follow the below-mentioned steps:
 Run MS Outlook as administrator on your system.
 Go to first tab i.e. File tab in Outlook and then click on Open & Export. 
 Choose Import/Export option from the list. 
 Now, choose Import Internal Mail and Addresses and then Outlook Express. 
 Select Next button and click on Finish button. 
These are most effective manual steps to migrate EML data items to Outlook file. These methods are useful in few cases. Also, manual procedures have drawbacks. 

Limitations of Manual Methods

The manual method is best suited for those users who have technical skills. But users who are not familiar with technical terms are unable to follow the above steps. So, this manual method is not considered an ideal solution to use in every situation to convert EML email messages into PST format.
It has some drawbacks –
o It is complicated and difficult for novice users. 
o The manual steps are time-consuming and you can migrate a limited number of emails at once. 
o There is risk of file corruption and data loss with manual methods. 
o The above procedure gets changed with update of MS Outlook. 

Professional or Automatic Solution

Using the professional solution, one can easily convert EML database file to PST file for Outlook. It is a fast and effective tool to migrate EML data files. Also, due to its simplicity, the software is ideal for both technical and non-technical users. 
Bulk conversion is supported by the software and you don’t need installation of any email client in the system for the conversion process. 

Final Thoughts

This article explains all reasons and various solutions to convert EML database into Outlook PST file format. Two ways for the conversion i.e. manual and automated is discussed in this post. 
With manual method, users without technical skills find it complicated. Hence, they can go for third-party software which is suitable for technical & non-technical users. You can check out the software for free before its purchase. 
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