Cost & Features to Develop in a Business Efficient Attendance Tracking Software

Cost & Features to Develop in a Business Efficient Attendance Tracking Software

Time and attendance software seem normal but have the most important role to play in revenue generation for any organization. Work has also been calculated on an hourly basis and in fact, the basis of remuneration also has adopted a new way than it had in the past.

People nowadays are paid for the hours they spend on work rather than the days on a monthly basis. Therefore, tracking the time invested by the employee has become even more important than it was in the past.

It is necessary to know whether your employee is just sitting idle after the computer system or is actually producing some fruitfulness by sitting there? It requires a little vigilance sometimes, however, such intense tracking could also pressurize a worker, according to some experts.

Nevertheless, we are here to read about what cost and resources an enterprise software development company would take to develop an intelligent attendance tracking software?

We will also see glimpses of the abilities of Attendance tracking software, which is one of the tech trends for HR that make things easy for human resources and perform many more things that require adequate vigilance.

How Does An Attendance Tracking Software Help?

An intelligent attendance tracking software allows a user to create a log for himself where he can simply log in and out to make his presence count. It would offer more than just that, by providing the history of logs with the overall time spent in a particular month, or year, or on a specific day, helping the HR, as well as the employee to keep things transparent.

Well, calculating the time isn’t worthy of being praised. It would be worthwhile after being integrable with other in-house resources and software. For example, if a time tracking software can fetch or transfer the data from or to the accounting system, it would be quite a time-saving feature.

In this context, a time tracking system would not just have a single objective to fulfill. It has more than one objective including-
•  Project tracking
• Overtime tracking
• Scheduling
• BI and Reporting

Basic Features of Attendance Tracking Software

• Absence and leave management: Preparing timesheets.
• Employee management: Keeping their information in one place, 
• Document management: Allowing import and export of the information, providing workflow alerts.
• Keeping the most used reports bookmarked for quick access as ‘Favorite Reports’
• Staying in the Loop through notifications even when the user is offline or away 
•   Storing employees’ information in a centralized location
• Keeping the calendar intact with events like birthdays, anniversaries, date of joining, etc.

These are some of those functionalities that we usually forget to acknowledge, but find useful when we start using the resource.

However, let us know about the cost first, which is required to develop a multi-functional attendance tracking system.

Factors Affecting the Cost to develop an Attendance Tracking Software

A time tracking software ultimately provides efficiency, affordability, and accuracy to the organization. Before investing in it, you should know why to invest in an attendance management system and must explore those factors that control the cost to develop an efficient attendance tracking system-

1. Services required to track different things
2. Administrative controls
3. Equipment tracking
4. Third-party integrations
5. Its ability to serve differently sized organizations including a start-up, SMBs, SMEs, etc.

Also, the cost depends upon whether you would be utilizing software that is SaaS-based or developing your own.

Prices for SaaS-based attendance systems usually range from $10 to $50 per month per user depending on the availability of features.

However, to develop an in-house Attendance tracking software might range between $5,000 to $25,000 for fully intelligent and professionally able software.

Attendance tracking software may vary with the features on it. It might be able to handle enterprise-level things, or have different pricing models like single purchase forever, or for a year i.e. subscription-based payment systems.

Things You Should Look For in An Attendance Tracking Software

Usually, such software performs well within an appropriate range of a number of employees.

Make sure before developing it to embed adequate potency within it, and check for how many employees will you be able to handle with it?

Once you incorporate such software into your organization, know that on how many points it will be used by an administrator? The more the administrators, the more would be the price due to diverse administrative requirements.

Having an attendance tracking system to manage time and attendance is normal. What additional features you would like to have in it, is an important aspect to deal with, before developing it.

For example, payroll integration, schedule integration, report generation, etc. are some of the additional features you might prefer to have in it. Data integration can set businesses on a fast track mode and is a great example of how integrability can help organizations achieve their goals.

Similarly, there are features you should consider as an important part of time and attendance tracking software-

1. Shift Swap Features: To allow employees to swap their shifts according to their ease.
2. Customizable Flexible Pay Periods: To be set before the period begins.
3. SaaS inability
4. Overtime Tracking: Overtime rules to be embedded within the program

Make sure you keep all these things in mind before hiring an enterprise software development company to get you an intelligent time tracking software.

There are other similar and renowned software like Harvest, Toggl, Hubstaff, TSheets, etc. whose functionalities are well understood by the developers in A3logics. They have developed more than fifty smart Attendance tracking software for different organizations located globally, and are still providing post-delivering services like tech support and required IT consultation services.

Hire a dedicated development team from there and get all the required consultancy and support to keep your organization well-organized with intelligent Attendance tracking software.

Author’s Bio: Scarlett is a technical content writer and is associated with A3logics for over a couple of years. 
She has a keen interest in website development services and is often found struggling with some unique topics for her upcoming projects. She is often found discussing the latest developments with the technical team. When not working on any of her writing projects, she is either reading any of the Agatha Christie mysteries or busy gardening.
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