How To Limit Your Phone’s Tracking

How To Limit Your Phone’s Tracking

In the age of data, it is now more important than ever for people to build a stronger relationship with their devices and choose whether they want to share their personal information or not.  Some apps may be perfectly harmless and fun to use, but others may have malicious intentions behind them.  
To protect yourself from any possible harm, check your phone’s settings, stop GPS from tracking, and take preventive measurements like using VPN Google Chrome extension to hide and check your IP address.
Americans are increasingly concerned about their privacy and how much information companies, governments, and other entities know about them. There are many apps that offer an individual the ability to track another person’s location, take pictures of that person or access their contacts. The question for many people is, do they feel comfortable with the idea of having this information available at all times?
Today, almost every other person wants to know, “how do I stop someone from tracking my phone?” Having a free VPN download chrome and hiding your personal information is one way to protect yourself.
In this article, we’ll guide how to make your phone untraceable along answering the following questions:
• How do I block GPS tracking on my phone?
• Can someone track you if your GPS is off?
• How do I know if someone is tracking my location?
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How To Know That You Are Being Tracked?

In today's world, people are becoming more and more concerned with privacy. In a time where information can be accessed from any device in any location, the concept of privacy is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Many people don't realize that they are always being tracked, whether they know it or not. 
Unfortunately, the only way to help people realize that they are being hacked and tracked is their observation. If they notice something unusual like fast battery draining, more data usage, undesired device behaviour, etc., then there are chances that someone has hacked their device and tracked them.
However, it is not easy as it requires more than 100% attention, and still, there is no guarantee that your observation will be right or wrong. That’s why it is recommended to take precautionary measurements before you are tracked. Following are some ways to limit people’s phone tracking.

Key Ways To Limit Phone’s Tracking:

Stop GPS:

Your phone tracks your location for use in apps like Google Maps. But did people know that others can track them too? It's easy to turn off the GPS on the phone, so it doesn't get information about where someone is. Go to settings, select privacy and security, and scroll down until you see Location Services. People can disable this setting by turning it off. 
By making these changes, they will be less at risk for hackers and advertisers tracking their every move. 

Use VPN:

Did people know that when they browse the internet on their computer, their phone transmits information back to the website they visited? This is because when they visit a website on their computer, the site can follow and track their browsing history through cookies and beacons placed on webpages and ads. One way to limit this tracking is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
Virtual Private Networks encrypt data and hide IP addresses so that people remain anonymous on the web. It masks their physical location with different global locations that act as virtual addresses. There are many chrome VPNs but not all secure and encrypted.
That’s why we always recommend people use VeePN. VeePN is a trusted, encrypted, protected, and secure VPN that can provide people online safety and protection. VeePN also has a free trial for new users so they can test first.

Check Apps Permissions:

People might want to look over the list of apps they have on their phones and check for permissions. Most people are unaware that many apps can track everything from location data to usage history, contacts, mobile data use, and more. 
Apps are coded with permissions to access certain aspects of their device that people might be uncomfortable providing them with. So, check and control app permissions if they are suspicious.

Use Private Browser:

To limit the tracking of your phone, people can use a private browser on their phone. While most browsers are not private, some browsers like Firefox or Safari can be set to private browsing. 
People can also turn off tracking with certain apps like Google Maps or use Google incognito mode. 
This will allow them to search without providing any data about themselves to Google. Limiting the tracking of your phone is essential because it allows you to track how much information they are collecting and keep your identity safe.

Opt-Out Of Ads:

Another way to limit phone tracking is to opt out of ads. When people use apps, they usually have an option for opting out of ads at the bottom. 
They can also do this by going to their phone settings and then ‘Privacy’ and then ‘ad services.’ Opting out will prevent ads from showing up in the apps they use.


In conclusion, there are a few simple steps you can take to limit the tracking on your phone. People can limit their phone's tracking by turning off the location-tracking feature for social media apps, updating privacy settings on their accounts, and periodically going into apps and adjusting the settings.
However, one of the most effective ways is to use a VPN like VeePN. It is the best way to hide your IP address and change location so no one can track you.
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