Reasons To Choose React For Your Next Project

Reasons To Choose React For Your Next Project

In this modern age of technology, new techniques, languages, frameworks, and tools keep on coming every year. And in this era, we can see that the world of front-end development is constantly evolving. For this, new techniques and tools are being released every day and with so many libraries in the market, choosing the right one is always difficult for businesses.

But, when front-end development is considered, Angular has always been a default choice of the business owners. Now with front-end development becoming modern, a framework called ReactJS has become the top choice of organizations. And the main reason behind it is React’s best practices for offering better security and performance level. To learn more about React JS and the benefits of React that make it every business owner’s first choice, let us go through this blog. 

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is one of the best JavaScript libraries that is developed and maintained by Facebook. It is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript library that is used by developers in creating scalable, simple, and fast frontends of web apps. React was engineered by Facebook as an internal tool and then the framework was soon gone open source. This enabled it to grow and become widely accepted by web app developers & companies. As per a survey by Stack Overflow, React is one of the most used web frameworks and ranks 1st in the list of top web app development frameworks. 

Top Reasons to Select React for Your Next Project

1. Fast Rendering

ReactJS is a framework that uses virtual DOM which enables the developers to boost the app’s speed. It develops a tree of custom objects that belongs to DOM. For instance, when you are working in normal HTML, you can only create a block div that has an h1 tag, and then the actual div element will be developed with an h1 element within it. But when it comes to React JS, you can create a React.div object that comes with a React.h1 object. These React objects can be controlled quickly without passing through the real DOM API.

2. Easy to Learn React Native

When it comes to React JS framework, the developers only have to work with the frontend part. And it is not very difficult or complex. As long as the web app developers have knowledge about JavaScript, they can work with ReactJS.

3. Server-side Rendering

One of the reasons behind choosing React is that it comes with a technique that enables the developers to render the entire client-side single page application on the server and send the completely rendered page to the client that displays it as static HTML. By using the server-side rendering process, the developers can offer an application that performs perfectly, without any loader for the initial load, and has amazing user interfaces.

This enables the website to increase the user experience. Besides, if we talk about the SEO factor, single-page react web apps can be easily crawled by Google bots now. This means that people can discover the client’s website on Google if the SEO is done right. 

4. Reusable Components for Mobile Apps

Be it any technology or any application, duplicated code is a bad habit. Developers must avoid it all the time in their careers. The main reason behind it is that it can hurt the projects in the long run. And when you want to change something in the code, you will have to edit all the duplicated parts. Who would like to do that? 

In this case, React JS is a framework that comes with a component-based structure. In this structure for each user interface block, the developer isn't required to code the whole block at once. They can start with small components like buttons, text, and labels. Later, they can combine them into a bigger one. And these bigger components can later be combined to create a higher-level component and in the same way, they can keep combining all of these until they get the final UI block.

Besides this, each component has its own significance and so it behaves differently. And this enables the components to act as plugins to a big system.

5. High Performance

In comparison to other front-end frameworks, ReactJS has better performance that enables the applications to run smoothly and offer better results to the users. And as discussed above, the core features of ReactJS like virtual DOM and server-side rendering are the best supporters of great website performance speed.


Nowadays, to meet the pre-decided target with the business applications, the majority of the enterprises make sure that the app is developed and designed in a professional manner with the use of the best practices. And in this case, the businesses hire ReactJS development companies that have enough experience.

In addition to this, the businesses can also employ a ReactJS developer who can help them understand the technology and grow the business to stay in the competition. Besides, any top ReactJS development company can certainly help the businesses to meet accomplishable targets and display how the business can use this technology in reducing expenses, speeding up development, increasing conversions, and more. This proves that there are many reasons behind choosing React for your next project.

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