Smart DNA Nigeria Launches COVID-19 Antibody & Immunity Test In Partnership With Leading UK Lab

Smart DNA Nigeria Launches COVID-19 Antibody & Immunity Test In Partnership With Leading UK Lab

Smart DNA, a Lagos-based genetic testing company has launched an antibody test for COVID-19 that will tell you if you have any antibodies to help fight a COVID-19 viral infection, either from having been infected with coronavirus in the past, or from being vaccinated. According to the company, it decided to introduce the Antibody test into the Nigeria market to empower individuals and their physicians to make informed decisions about their risk of infection and of spreading the virus.

The tests will be processed at one of UK’s leading laboratories, AlphaBiolabs. The COVID-19 antibody test will analyse a sample of your blood to detect the presence of COVID-19 specific antibodies, including Immunoglobulin G (IgG), the most common type of antibody.

Your report will provide a quantitative result that relates to the level of COVID-19 antibodies within your sample and whether the level is low, medium, high or not detected.

Antibodies from Infection or Vaccine
Tracking your IgG levels will give you an indication of your level of immunity to a SARS CoV-2
infection. This new and innovative laboratory antibody test is designed to give you peace of
mind about the level of protection you have from either vaccination or natural exposure to
the virus. It will potentially highlight those people who have a poor immune response and
therefore, need to take extra care.

If you order an antibody immunity test from Smart DNA, you will be sent an easy-to-use sample collection kit to collect the blood spot sample in the comfort and privacy of your own home & return to our laboratory for analysis. You can also have the sample taken at our Lagos office. You can also go for rapid covid-19 antigen home test.

Speaking at the launch, Bukola Ogunsanwo, Smart DNA’s Head of Business Development said “With the launch of our antibody test, we hope to provide individuals and healthcare providers with better insight on immunity to COVID-19, whether from the vaccine or a previous infection,” 
Of course, the detection of antibodies does not mean that you are immune to COVID-19 and does not mean that you cannot be infected. 

However, the presence of antibodies within a sample demonstrates that your body has staged an immune response to the virus (either as a result of a previous infection or COVID-19 vaccination). It means that you should have some protection against a serious infection and should be less infectious towards others” she explained further.

In other climes, particularly in Europe, countries have rolled out antibody testing for a wide range of purposes. Some have made antibody testing a part of their official framework for determining whether someone has had the virus recently and recovered — and can therefore get a coronavirus passport or certificate. 

In Austria, for instance, people can take official COVIDantibody tests to determine if they are deemed “recovered,” and can get that country’s health pass as a result. 
Smart DNA is a leading DNA testing centre based in Lagos, Nigeria that provides fully accredited DNA testing services to clients in accordance with the highest international standards.

Formed in partnership with some of the preeminent Biotechnology companies and labs in the world, Smart DNA offers the most comprehensive sets of DNA tests in Nigeria. Our DNA tests have been recognized by the NCBI, the most important genetic organisation in the world.
For more information about Smart DNA and its services, please visit www.smartdna.com.ng or call +234 802 984 0246.
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