12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips (That Actually Work)

12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Twitter is one of the top social media platforms that has greatly influenced people's buying behavior.

Twitter is a great platform that is used in multiple ways in the marketing industry. There are even websites such as likes24.de that allow users to increase engagement on their Twitter profile. The platform is perfect for increasing brand awareness effectively and building brand loyalty with customers! How?

• Gives you the advantage of getting customer insights.
• You get a list of trending topics and hashtags through its home page.
• Ensures customers can engage in conversations with brands whenever necessary.

These benefits perfectly explain why Twitter should be a part of your marketing strategy! However, over 500 million tweets are being shared every day, and they essentially have a short life span.

This means it would be quite a challenge to organically get your tweets to be seen by the followers and subsequently get retweeted.

Following the tips mentioned below will help you reap the best benefits of your time on Twitter!

Tip 1- Have Your Business Goals Already Laid Out

You will be setting yourself up for failure if you haven't already mapped out a strategy. You must lay down goals that are clear and measurable because they will help you define-

• Whether your business needs to make a Twitter handle
• Whether your business will be able to achieve its goals

Once you have decided on these, you will have to decipher what you wish to gain from marketing your brand on Twitter. Whether it is-

• A boost in sales
• Increasing brand awareness
• Increasing engagement with customers to gain loyal customers
• Drive traffic to your website

Tip 2- Ensure Your Account Is Actively Monitored

It is important to monitor your Twitter account to respond to the direct messages or mentions if any. The direct messages or mentions could have queries or grievances that a customer/ potential customer requires solving! If you fail at responding to these, it could be damaging for your brand.

If your account has a massive follower base, you may require a bigger team for the monitoring process to be successful.

Tip 3- Create Content Calendars

The content creation process can be taxing and time-consuming, so it should be planned well in advance. Planning could help you develop hashtags, gifs, videos, or even memes as per the season or any upcoming events or festivities. The process of creating a social media calendar will allow you to creatively present content instead of hurriedly posting it just for the sake of it.

Check out this post by @NeflixFilm. They use the classic Hilary duff movie A Cinderella Story to remind people that Halloween is coming up and shouldn't look any further than the movie for costume inspiration.

12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Tip 4- Don’t Overuse Hashtags

There is no denying that hashtags are one of the best tools to amplify your reach on Twitter. However, their overuse can reduce your engagement and make it drop by as much as 17%. This could put your brand in a bad light, while their strategic use could make your brand gain popularity.

The main aim of your tweets must be to convey your message in the limited characters provided. So, use hashtags that are best suited to the content you are displaying and have a reasonable search volume. The tweet by Dior you see below will help you better understand how to use hashtags on Twitter posts.

12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Tip 5- Tweet Regularly

Tweeting regularly is associated with higher engagement. Why though? Because this will allow your followers to have, you memorized. The concept of regular tweeting is quite similar to the commercials being constantly aired on TV, phones, or computers. They are supposed to increase brand recall and settle in the customer's memory.

You can tweet a minimum of 3-6 times a day and a maximum of 23 tweets in a day. 23 tweets in a day were the ones with the highest number of followers.

Tip 6- Analyze Performance Of Tweets

Why should you be analyzing your tweets? Well, for the sole purpose of understanding what type of content your audience wants to see/read. The data you collect will provide valuable insight that could help you improve your content and plan successful marketing strategies for the next set of campaigns you may run. This will ensure your marketing efforts are not in vain!

Tip 7- Focus On Building A Community

Your brand will manage to build a community when active communication starts taking place between you and the followers on Twitter. For this, you should start connecting with relevant people, competitors, influencers, and just any Twitter handle that you think could give you interesting ideas.

Just following them won't help you build a community! You must now and then engage with them in conversations. Start conversations and threads on Twitter by simply tagging the person/brand or retweeting their post. Check out this hilarious Twitter banter between Heinz and Oreo.

12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Tip 8- Tweet When The Audience Is Online

The likelihood of your marketing gimmick paying off completely depends on the AUDIENCE. So you must track the time of the day or week when they are most active. This method will ensure you upload content exactly at that time and garner maximum engagement.

You can gain this insight ( times when your audience is online on Twitter ) by-

• checking out the Twitter analytics.
• do an online sweep of general social media reports and find out an available time for posting.

Keep in mind that your audience is going to be most active on weekends in comparison to weekdays. The ideal time to post on weekdays is 12 PM to 3 PM, and the time could wary across the days. Check out this graph below.

12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Tip 9- Utilize Twitter To Gather Data

Apart from ensuring you are within reach of your customers, Twitter also allows brands to gather information that could be useful in creating effective marketing strategies. Information that you could use Twitter for gathering is-

• Tracking the content of your competitors.
• Track brand mentions by customers, celebrities, other brands, or influencers.
• Find what your customers have to say about you.
• Find out which topic or content type is trending.

Tip 10- Create Polls

Regardless of the social media platform, polls are known to be highly engaging. They are engaging because who doesn't like to answer multiple-choice questions! Polls are a fun way of gathering market research along with customer feedback.

The key to making sure your poll is fun and engaging, you must choose the question wisely. Check out the polls run by Bumble and Dunkin doughnuts to better understand questions perfect for polls.

12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work
12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Tip 11- Add Images Or Videos To Tweets For Higher Engagement

Adding images or videos to plain boring text can add life to regular tweets and increase engagement. You must ensure that you upload images or videos that are relevant to the text and what you wish to convey. They must also be of high quality to ensure a good viewing experience for your audience.

As per Adweek, your tweet becomes six times more retweetable if it has video. Check out two tweets by Dunkin doughnuts; and one tweet has an image and the other a video. The video has over 340 retweets, while the image has 98 retweets.

12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Tip 12- Make Use Of Cta’s

You probably already have been using CTA or Call to Action statements in your tweets by mentioning 'share this post' or 'help us reach 10,000 followers.' CTA's are used to push your followers to perform certain activities that increase sales, create leads, or boost clicks on your Twitter profiles.

Commonly used CTA phrases that you could use-
• Gives us a follow or follow us
• Visit our website
• Download here
• To learn more
• Shop more

12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

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