How Alta Semper, Healthplusnigeria, And Chidi Okoro Help Nigeria’s Healthcare

How Alta Semper, Healthplusnigeria, And Chidi Okoro Help Nigeria’s Healthcare

Healthcare is a buzzing topic for the people of Nigeria. Every citizen knows about its issues, but more people should know that there are organizations that change the situation proactively. This article is about two major organizations and a business figure who help the Nigerian healthcare system and how they do it. Read on to know how they can be helpful for you and your family. 

Healthplusnigeria Initiatives

If you need to find medications and medical accessories across Lagos, you can quickly order anything using Healthplusnigeria online service. Besides, you can visit one of 60 in-store locations in your district of Lagos and many more stores around Nigeria to get medications even cheaper. By visiting the website and mobile app of the service, you can also catch large discounts for the most necessary items as well as beauty products approved by top beauticians in the country. What is more, Healthlusnigeria provides you with a unique opportunity to speak to doctors from Outpost Health as well as to well-educated pharmacists and beauticians. Finally, you can order a full-body health screening package that includes 53 parameters and testing for 7 common diseases, such as:

• Diabetes
• Heart Disease
• Metabolic Syndrome
• High Blood Pressure
• Chronic Kidney Disease
• Chronic Liver Disease
• Hyperuricemia

Other elements of the “We Care” screening program include:

• Pap Smear Test
• PSA Test
• Thyroid hormones (T3, T4, TSH)
• Profiles for Nutritional Wellness and Critical Life Parameters

Alta Semper Initiatives

After reading about Healthplusnigeria initiatives, you may have thought, “But who funds all these convenient services?” Well, that’s where Alta Semper stands out. This financial institution attracts investments from abroad in order to fund Nigeria’s largest pharmacy retail chain, HealthPlus. The organizations work together to boost the coverage of the chain and provide more citizens with high-quality medication and health screening for reasonable costs. Due to the work of Alta Semper, healthcare can get significantly better on the nationwide level, so you should know who is in charge of the pharmaceutical business development in the country. 

Chidi Okoro Healthcare Input 

This story will not be full if we don’t mention Chidi Okoro who is the Chief Transformation Officer at HealthPlus, an organization that pursues delivering high-quality pharma to all people of Nigeria. Mr. Okoro is a professional pharmacist as well as an executive manager with over 30 years of experience in the field, which means that the pharmaceutical industry is in good hands in our country. Okoro has exposure in all the regions of Nigeria and has an influence on all major healthcare providers in the country, including foreign companies like GSK and others.

You Deserve High-Quality Healthcare

Now that you know about these great healthcare initiatives, you can start using them for good. Visit the websites of the listed organizations to see how you can benefit and order medicaments and screening for the best price. You can also contact Chido Okoro directly to ask him to pay more attention to the situation in your particular region.

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