Several Useful Methods For Installing Car Mount

Several Useful Methods For Installing Car Mount

Seeing the instructions is necessary if you wish to utilize satnav applications on your phone to navigate. Your phone and tablet must be securely fastened on the dashboard of your vehicle. The adjustable car mount allows you to be using your smartphone in the car while being secure and hands-free. Meanwhile, it may take a few days for an online-ordered automobile mount to reach its destination. So, what is the answer to this problem? You could, of course, construct your own. Here's how to construct a mobile phone holder for your automobile from everyday items in your house.

Why Use a Car Mount for Your Phone?

Before we get into the several methods you may make a DIY phone holder for your vehicle, let's talk about why you should. First and foremost, using a cell phone and driving is strictly prohibited. While calls and music may normally be handled through the in-car controls when synchronized over Bluetooth, satnav applications are not supported at this time. As a result, a logical mounting method is necessary. 

Make Your Own Car Phone Holder Using Binder Clips

Using a binder clip to keep your smartphone safe in your automobile is maybe the most straightforward solution. As previously shown, all you need is a binding clip, a few rubber bands, and a wrench to complete this project. Binder clip handles should be bent into a claw form, and rubber bands should be wrapped around the claws of the binder clip.

In your car, use Command Strips to secure your tablet

A remedy that is so clear that we are surprised we haven't thought of it sooner. Simply attach Commanded mounting strips to the dashboard of your vehicle as well as the rear of your phone or tablet. Make certain you follow the directions carefully to ensure proper adherence of the strips. Attaching your device to the strips is straightforward: hold the tablet at a 45-degree angle to the mounting point and swing it down. Attachment is accomplished by pressing the button. Reverse this procedure to disconnect the cable.

Magnetic DIY Phone Holder for Your Car

This idea, which makes use of magnets, provides a solution that allows you to quickly attach and remove your phone. By inserting a tiny magnetic disc into the casing of your phone, you may connect your smartphone to an L-shaped mounting bracket. In this instance, the mount is made of metal and is thin enough to fit between the hardware on the dashboard of your automobile. It is possible that an alternate mounting location may be necessary in your vehicle. 

Wooden DIY Smartphone Car Holder

By following the principles shown in this video, you may unleash your inner carpenter. This smartphone vehicle holder is made of wood and is designed to fit into a central dashboard pop-open cabinet. In essence, it's a piece of wood with a groove carved into it to accommodate the phone. All you have to do is open the cabinet and slide the phone into the groove. Simple, effective, yet possibly tough and time-consuming to put together are the words that come to mind. While this is a basic woodworking project, it is also a wonderful starting point for those who are eager to improve their woodworking abilities.

However, you may find a better alternative to normal mounting using stationery, magnets, or wood on Dhgate.  Incorporate your Android or Apple tablet into the dashboard of your vehicle. This fantastic effort demonstrates how to do just that. It is not inexpensive, but the effects are spectacular. The ultimate result will be a tablet put in your automobile, replacing the entertainment system that was previously there.

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