How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Free Internet: An Analysis

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Free Internet: An Analysis
Nowadays, small businesses are using several tactics to stay in the game and compete with multinational business enterprises.
One of the best tactics for small businesses to gain a competitive edge is offering free internet.

If you offer your customers free internet, they can download unlimited movies and games from the Pirate Bay and spend their days. It may not seem like a viable investment at first, but it will generate the maximum ROI in the long run. 

How Can Small Businesses Benefit From Free Internet?

When a company provides its customers free internet, it opens a new door to gain traffic and revenue. There are ample benefits free internet offers a small company. Let’s have a look:

1: It Increases Customer Loyalty

Small businesses require loyal customers if they want to sustain their company for an extended period. For example, suppose you head to a cafe and find they offer free WiFi. Won’t it excite you even a little bit?

We mean, you don’t have to waste your mobile data, and you can download many movies and games on your phone. You can even update your phone because those updates require a WiFi network. Thus, a small business offering free internet will automatically have a loyal audience base.

2: It Increases Customer Engagement

When you go to a restaurant and enjoy its free WiFi, won’t you stay longer at the establishment? Of course, you will. 

In the process of spending a long time in the place, you also interact with the staff and engage more with them. That means free internet can help customers engage with your business significantly, and the more engaged they will be, the better revenue your business will draw. 

3: You Get A Competitive Edge

When a small business provides customers free internet, they automatically gather more crowds. Thus, they get a competitive edge in the market, which is essential for a small business to proceed ahead. 

A recent study shows that small businesses offering free WiFi to customers gain more traffic, which is a significant factor deciding their competitive edge in the market. For example, hotels offering free internet noticed a 71% increase in customer traffic, whereas the transport businesses noticed a 46% increase. 

It proves that businesses offering free internet have a better chance of competing with large companies.  

4: Customers Buy More Items From Your Site

You head to your favorite cafe in the morning to grab a cup of coffee, but you find the cafe is giving you free WiFi. Won’t you want to spend more time there? 

Of course, you will. However, if you spend more time in a cafe to access the WiFi, you’ll also have to keep ordering something because you can’t just spend 2 hours with one cappuccino.

This is why businesses offering free internet have a better chance to enable customers to purchase more products. Thus, it increases their revenue and improves their relationship with the audience group.

5: Your Online Exposure Will Increase

Everything is online nowadays. Therefore, giving customers free internet is always an excellent way to generate online exposure. When you let customers access the free WiFi, it makes them happy, and they automatically post good reviews of your company over the internet.

Your online exposure will also increase with so many good reviews in stock. Those customers will become indirect brand ambassadors, and without developing any marketing trick, your company will get more traffic. 

6: You Can Collect More Customer Data And Form New Marketing Objectives

As a small business owner, you must collect more and more customer data to form new marketing objectives. Now offering them free internet is an effective strategy to collect more data about them.

Many free WiFi service providers give you customer data, and if you get your hands on them, you may devise new ways to attract them. 

For example, you find out a large portion of your customer group prefers tea over coffee. Thus, You can include more tea options on the menu and generate more traffic.

Putting It All Together

We have accumulated all the possible benefits of free internet to help a small business entity. However, on the other hand, large businesses can also offer customers free internet and grab these benefits. 

Therefore, if your business needs to attain a competitive edge, you must equip more products and services besides free internet. If you have more questions regarding this topic, post them in the comment box.
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