The Right Data Visualization Tools For Powerful Business Insights

The Right Data Visualization Tools For Powerful Business Insights

There are tons of data visualization tools available that play a major role in developing insights for businesses. What are data visualization tools? These are programs and software explicitly designed to visualize different forms of data. Note that every tool has varying capabilities that facilitate the input of data sets and manipulate them visually. This article discusses the top data visualization tools used by business owners to generate insights. Let's rock! 

Google Charts 

Google charts are used primarily by business professionals who have a deep interest in creating interactive data visualizations designed to stay on the internet for an extended period of time. This tool can pull vital information from different data sources such as SQL databases, Salesforce, and Google sheets. 

Besides, this tool uses HTML5/SVG technology to create high-quality charts, making them simple and exceptional. In addition, it offers more than eighteen different types of charts that include histograms, pie charts, area charts, and geo charts.  Most members of the Google community use this tool to generate charts like Pareto Charts, Sankey Charts, and Scatter Plot etc. and share them through different platforms. 

Most charts generated by Google charts are shared in the gallery found on the Google website on the internet.  Even though the charts seem to be more advanced, they may not comply with HTML5 compliant policy. 

Zoho Analytics 

This data visualization tool is perfect for business professionals to visualize their competitive intelligence. Alternatively, this tool is mainly used to visualize the information related to revenue, sales, marketing, and cost. It works in consideration with a user-friendly dashboard that allows customers to enter their personal information. 

Currently, Zoho Analytics is used by more than five hundred thousand businesses, and over two million personal users have implemented the software in their operations. Note that this software has several paid options that users can subscribe to depending on the user's needs. Also, there is a free version option that allows you to generate a limited number of reports from business operations. 

The free version can be helpful, especially if you are in the testing stage to determine the best data visualization tool that can work for your business. Note, there are other tools that work just like Zoho Analytics and are tailored for sales and marketing professionals. Among the most common data visualization tools that work similar to Zoho Analytics, Databox and Hubspot are the best with powerful visualization capabilities. 


This is a popular data visualization too that follows the operating flow of a Sankey diagram. It can generate charts, reports, and maps. What makes Infogram unique from all other visualization tools, is its ability to generate Infographics. This has made the tool popular among creative business professionals who always want to remain unique. 

Also, Infogram has a drag-and-drop editor mostly used by beginners who are new at using the tool.  The visualizations can be saved as image files or even GIFs, which are later embedded inside the business reports and documents. Besides, it can be applied in HTML or through different online platforms. 

Note that Infogram has a tiered pricing range that can be afforded by beginners and veterans within the business industry. This option ranges from free to enterprise-level versions. 

Microsoft Excel (and Power BI)

In simple terms, Microsoft Excel is a simple spreadsheet software with exceptional data visualization capabilities. Due to the widespread of Microsoft products, accessing this software is not a complex task. The Microsoft documentation allows users to use excel to design a minimum of twenty types of charts. 

Microsoft excel has room to enter data in the spreadsheets and compose the final reports. The software comes with tons of options, including bar charts, scatter plots, and pie charts. Note that the advanced packages have that incorporate radar charts, treemaps, and histograms. However, there are limitations on the data visualizations you create on excel files. 

In cases where organizations are looking for a reliable data visualization tool and want to remain within the Microsoft community. It is built specifically like a data analytics and visualization tool that is easy to maneuver and create data visualizations beneficial to businesses.

This software was specifically built as a data analytics and visualization tool. The power BI can import data from different sources and output the visualizations in different formats. 


This is a robust data visualization tool that has earned popularity across the business industry. This tool is easy to use and powerful in nature. The software can easily integrate with hundreds of different sources to import data and generate dozens of data visualization types to make it better.  

Note that this data visualization tool is owned by Salesforce, boasting millions of users and personal community members. Mostly, Tableau is used at the enterprise business level.  Besides, the software comes with many products, including web-hosted versions, desktops, and servers. 

It has an analytics platform with customer relationship management software relevant to helping you generate classy visualizations. Also, there is a free version called Tableau Public available for users.  Remember that any form of visualizations developed by the free version is available for anyone to see them. 

This has made this tool the best option to use when learning the basics of the software. However, it is not good to use when dealing with sensitive data. 


Datawrapper works similarly to Google charts used in producing charts, maps, and other forms of graphics used online. This tool is mainly used when creating news reports and any other professionals involved in website management. Even though this tool is easy to use, it is limited compared to other visualization tools.

However, it cannot integrate with other data sources. You need to copy and paste data manually into the sheet, which is time-consuming and liable to errors.  It offers a bunch of outputs such as line charts, scatterplots, and stacked bar charts. 

Final Verdict!

Data visualization tools play a crucial role in generating reliable business insights relevant to the organization's success. Note that most tools work in accordance with the operation mode of a Sankey diagram. It is evident that any business with reliable data visualization tools inaction tends to perform better than those with unreliable tools.

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