Book Review: Rudiments Of Information Technology Book By Nicholas Ibenu

Rudiments Of Information Technology (Book By Assistant Professor Nicholas Ibenu)

Book Title
: Rudiments Of Information Technology  (A Contemporary Guide for the Fourth Industrial Revolution)

Author: Assistant Professor Nicholas Ibenu

Information Technology (IT) is the use of computers, storage, networks and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data. Humans have been storing, retrieving, manipulating, and communicating information since the Sumerians in Mesopotamia developed writing in about 3000 BC. 

However, the objectives of Information Technology are process-oriented. The use of IT is not restricted to teaching and learning methodologies and theories alone, but to provide in-depth assistance through the use of comprehensive resources such as this, that will engage the individual for effective learning.

Rudiments of Information Technology (RoIT): A Contemporary Guide for the Fourth Industrial Revolution; introduces people of different background to a wide variety of concepts that people will encounter throughout their business or IT studies and careers.
The book covers introduction to Computer Systems, Hardware and Software, Data Processing, Computer Applications, Computer Related Jobs, Types of Computer Systems, Generation of Computers, Data Processing System, Networking, The Internet, Dangers of Wireless Connection and Network Infiltration, Components of Computers and their Functions, Storage Unit and CPU, Software, Programming Languages, Program Development, Operating System, Electronic Commerce, Extranet and E-mail, Mobile Computing, System Analysis and Design, Introduction to Information Systems, Office Automation System and Transaction Processing Systems, Decision Support Systems, and Expert Systems. The book also gives acumen on IT-related careers, such as network, computer security, web development, and software/hardware engineering.

The book contains twenty-five (5) chapters and 200+ pages.
All these twenty-five chapters’ revolve around the impact of information technology in the society and in organization. The book peeled the various layers of computer and

Computing and it as well open us to the emerging challenges facing information technology management. Studying this book will provide a fertile ground to managers and persons interested in skillful or leadership position.
It offers a far more detailed examination of the computer than current computer literacy texts, focusing on concepts essential to all IT professionals and business person—from operating systems and hardware to information security and computer ethics.
It also provides details on hardware, programming, and computer networks. Just like many books are written to address a particular course of study, Nicholas Ibenu has written this book to give every individual a background on becoming part of the Digital Age. 

The book has been made so comprehensive such that, business executives, law enforcement agencies, academics, and ordinary citizens can read and comprehend by themselves judiciously.

Between 50% and 60% of the Rural Nigerians market are not yet online and many are now clamoring to get connected. This book is the vehicle that will help the ordinary personto become part of the digital age.


• Hardware and Software
• Data Processing
• Computer Applications
• Computer Related Jobs
• Types of Computer Systems
• Generation of Computers
• Data Processing System
• Networking
• The Internet
• Dangers of Wireless Connection and Network Infiltration
• Components of Computers and their Functions
• Storage Unit and CPU
• Software
• Programming Languages
• Program Development
• Operating System
• Electronic Commerce
• Extranet and E-mail
• Mobile Computing
• System Analysis and Design
• Introduction to Information Systems
• Decision Support Systems
• Expert Systems

About The Author

Rudiments Of Information Technology (Book By Assistant Professor Nicholas Ibenu)

NICHOLAS IBENU is a Researcher, a former IT System Engineer with 
BusinessDay Media Limited. He is an Assistant Professor of  Information 
Technology and Cyber Security at Escae University of Science and 
Technology Republic of Benin. He holds a National Diploma in 
Technology and Management, a Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) in Computer 
Science, and a Master’s (MSc) in Management Information System. He 
holds numerous vocational certifications on security studies including; 
CEH-V10, CCSP, CEPT, CISM, and others. He is a voracious researcher 
and enthused excursionist with a deep passion for human development. 
He has authored few publications regarding IT and Security including; 
Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Steganography and Steganalysis, 
Configurations and Operations of Network Security, and currently 
working on a book in view titled, The Psychodynamics of Social 
Engineering Attacks ( A Comprehensive Approach of Criminal 
His areas of research concentration include, Cognitive Psychology, Human 
Security, Reverse Engineering, Social Engineering, OSI, OSINT, SCM, Civil 
Engagement, Foreign Policy, and International Security and Diplomacy. 
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