Why Do People Buy Sir Walter Buffalo Grass?

Why Do People Buy Sir Walter Buffalo Grass?

Beautiful landscape adorned with lush green grass is a lovely sight to behold! Only if they could remain as such all year round! But the thing with the lawn grasses is, they are hard to maintain!
Even if we ignore the tedious task that the owner has to put in, the natural grasses also harbor many pests. This is why the advent of synthetic grass and modified natural turfs were greatly applauded. 

Now, all turfs are not equally built. And the artificial field doesn't hold the same essence as the natural ones. This is where the prominence of the naturally cultivated grasses comes in! With increased tolerance to cold and drought, Buffalo Grass is an ideal choice for lawns. Here is why people buy Sir Walter Buffalo as their no 1 choice for premium Buffalo Turf.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Sr Walter offers premium soft buffalo turfs. Buffalo grass is native American grass that has good use as a lawn grass. In addition, their tolerance against drought and the increased resistance against cold make it an ideal natural grass for the warm season turf. 

Why Sir Walter Buffalo Grass?

  1. The buffalo grass has increased tolerance against cold and drought. Therefore, the soft green grasses retain their lush color all year round without being dampened by the spirits of different seasons. 
  2. The drought resistance supports their need for little watering. Hence, your lawns can survive a few days without the required watering. 
  3. The grass is a native species; hence, it does not interfere with the local fauna or disturbs the niche ecosystem. 
  4. The grass species is non-invasive. 
  5. They are less susceptible to attacks by microbes and therefore require less treatment with insecticides. This makes them desirable both in terms of quality as well as safety.

Benefits of natural grass 

The benefits of natural grass stem from two aspects: the first, the natural benefits that we can obtain from the beautiful-looking lawns, and second, the added benefits over the synthetic grasses. 

  1. Low maintenance: The major problem with natural grass is the high maintenance. Be it the frequent mowing, becoming a hub for common pests, or the irrigation requirement; everything adds a little too much work. This is why many people often choose synthetic over natural grass. But with the Sir Walter Buffalo Grass, you can rest easy with the maintenance part. Though it still requires standard mowing, you have to put in much less work than the natural grass. 
  2. Enjoy outside in the lush green field: Enjoy outdoor space with your family and children as they play on the grass. The natural ones (even the artificial ones, you won't notice the difference) are soft and non-irritable, giving a fewer chance for accidents to occur.
  3. At little expense: It is no doubt that the natural alternative requires much less investment than the permanent solution of artificial grass. 
  4. Increase the value of the homes! The beautifully adorned grasses add value to the house. The lawns look better maintained against the barren alternative. 


Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is one of the premium grass turfs which has made quite a name for itself in Australia, with over 100 million meters sold all across the country.
With high resistant power with low wear and tear, they are ideal turfs for home properties. In addition, the hardy ground covers come with an extended ten-year warranty, essentially indicating the quality of the product.

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