Five Most Popular Styles For A Gemstone Ring

Five Most Popular Styles For A Gemstone Ring

Jewellery is that ornament that tells the world who you are! It adds glamour to your personality and makes you look different. There are various ways to enhance the look by wearing jewelry that could be made of real gold or silver. 
But in this modern world, the young crowd has moved towards wearing sterling silver jewelry with the gemstones embedded into it. This is because they are more connected with the latest fashion as they come at affordable prices. 

Talking specifically about the gemstone rings, they are available from big statement pieces to small minimalist rings intensifying the wearer’s look. This blog discusses the most trending gemstone rings, which have captured every heart with their beauty and healing power. 

Learn About the Magic of the Moonstone Ring 

The most captivating Moonstone ring is then worn for bringing creativity into one’s life. It is the pearly iridescence found in various pink, blue, yellow, multi-color, and colorless hues. Whereas the blue moonstone is always high in demand, those who gaze into this stone can witness the goddess Diana. A standard size moonstone ring is suggested to be worn daily while going to the workplace, and it will enrich the wearer’s ability to deal with the problems of professional life.  

The love connections Opal creates.

The Opal stone is one of the brilliant gemstones to be worn to intensify the relationship. Nothing can beat the charm of the Opal ring. Whether to propose your date, exchange the engagement ring, or gift it to your spouse, it would always be the perfect stone. The Opal has the power of the planet Venus, which symbolizes love, hope, and purity. It will continuously enrich the relationship with love, understanding, and honesty. It comes in various hues of pink, green, blue, yellow, black, and many more. 

Moldavite is the stone to be remembered.

Moldavite is the stone, which you can’t forget once you witness it. The stone has the power of giving sensation to the ones who hold it for the first time. It is a mossy green color gemstone with a rough surface and reddish-brown bubbles. It is the stone of transformation which can be worn to enhance one’s intuition power. Wearing the moldavite ring will prove extraordinary if someone is starting their new business, as this stone will help them to reach the ladders of success very soon.  

The bluestone steals every heart.

This porous stone is one of the most famous stones, which can be seen in the hands of many re-owned people in the form of a Turquoise ring or bracelet. It is a bluish-green color stone with a matrix on the surface. It is the stone of protection and will always guard its wearer against the challenging situation. The turquoise ring is also gifted to the lover with the promise of ‘forget me not.’

The Larimar is another stone that looks a bit similar to the Turquoise stone. It is also the blue color stone, which comes in shades of blue, like light blue, dark blue, or intense blue color. Larimar rings are usually worn for bringing soothing and calming energies into the life of the wearer. They have the power of dolphins inside them as they come from the Caribbean sea. 

Where to get these stones from?

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