How To Care For Leather Shoes And Bags During the Rains

How To Care For Leather Shoes And Bags During the RainsHow To Care For Leather Shoes And Bags During the Rains

Leather items are considered as style essentials for clothing. The high-quality material and unique design can add a stylish and exquisite element to any outfit. However, buying these precious leather shoes, belts, and coats must have burned a hole in your pocket. Therefore, you might want to make sure they are well protected from unpredictable rains. Don’t let the rains put a dampener on your spirits. Wear your leather accessories like a pro during rain by considering these resourceful tips.

7 Tips To Keep Your Leather Accessories Safe in Monsoon

1. Consider the Quality and Type

Before implementing the tips, you might want to check your accessory's material quality and the type of leather. Although leather material is durable, you need to ensure it receives proper care. A properly stored leather item may have a longer shelf life, more than the actual one. The quality of leather material will also determine whether the item can sustain wear and tear during monsoon. Therefore, make sure the product is made of high-quality leather. A forged and rigid leather may lose its original shine and texture faster than genuine leather. To get the value for your money, always ensure you purchase leather items from a well-known brand or store.

2. Use Waterproof Spray 

Another excellent way of protecting your precious leather items from rain is by using a waterproof spray. These water repellent products can protect leather or any other shoes from rain. The composition of such waterproof spray offers efficient protection against water, oil, and grime. However, you might want to check whether the spray is appropriate for the leather texture. You can also apply a waterproof spray to your leather handbags and jackets.

3. Get Natural

If your leather accessory gets wet, don't start rubbing tissue paper or newspaper immediately. Instead, let it dry naturally. Allowing your leather accessories to dry naturally is the key to hygiene and extending their life. Another critical factor to keep in mind is never to use a hair dryer or heated product on your already wet leather accessory. The extreme heat of such products can cause a crack on your delicate leather items. You can let these wet leather items rest under a fan at room temperature. You can also remove moisture from the shoes using a soft muslin cloth or towel.

4. Store Them The Right Way

Your precious and expensive leather shoes require complete care and protection during the monsoon. You should consider keeping them in a comfy-cosy place to prevent moisture from sinking in and causing damages. If you are not planning to use your leather shoes regularly, make sure to stuff newspapers inside and place them in a strong cloth bag. Most individuals make the mistake of placing them inside a wooden cupboard. However, wooden cupboards might also absorb moisture in such a season. To avoid moisture retention, consider placing a bowl of soda bicarbonate in your cupboard or keep sachets of silica gel insides.

5. Restrict Mould Growth

One of the most common occurrences during the wet season is noticing mould growth. If you notice mould growth on your shoes, don't throw them! Treating them can be challenging but not impossible. You can easily recover your leather shoes from mould by gently scrubbing them using an old toothbrush. Make sure you cover all the areas to restrict mould growth. Even a tiny particle can cause the mould to grow back. So clean them properly and let them dry naturally to avoid mould formation.

6. Consider Polishing and Conditioning

Polishing your leather shoes will maintain the quality of the material and protect them from moisture damage. Besides, your leather shoes will look brand new and shine brightly, adding charm to your overall outfit. To smooth out your expensive leather item, you can also consider using a leather conditioner. These material-specific products can replenish the natural oil in your leather shoes and improve the appearance of the leather material. Take a small amount of solution on a soft cloth and gently rub it onto your leather shoes in a circular motion.

7. Keep Damp Mud Away

You might want to take care of your leather shoes and keep them away from damp mud as they can damage the material significantly. Make sure you don't allow mud to stay onto your footwear because the dried hardened clumps can take a toll on your leather shoes. If you notice damp mud on your shoes, ensure you shed it off using a brush before it dries off.

By considering these tips, your precious leather shoes and bags will remain brand new and continue to outshine any outfit!

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