How to Maintain Your Health at Optimal Levels

How to Maintain Your Health at Optimal Levels

When we think about health, we usually have our physical health in mind. However, health is a multiplex aspect of our life and it involves social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health, besides the physical one. In order for us to be completely healthy, we mustn’t disregard any of those aspects. We have to be mindful and take care of each and every aspect. What happens if we neglect one or more of those aspects is that we can’t be as productive as we are when our health is at an optimal level. We know it can be tough to think about all of these besides the multitude of other obligations we have. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to boost every aspect of your health - take a look.

We will speak more in-depth about how to take good care of your physical health, by reflecting on food and water intake, working out and sun exposure. When it comes to emotional health, we’ll offer some insight into how to deal with emotions. For instance, now we need to learn how to improve our mental well-being during a pandemic. Spiritual health is all about making yourself happy on the inside. On the other hand, intellectual health is connected to developing our mind, while social health incorporates our social relations. 

1. Physical health

Physical health is the first aspect of health we think of when considering the topic of health. It includes our eating and drinking habits, for starters. To improve your physical health, you should be mindful of what you eat. Your diet should be well-balanced, consisting of fresh fruits and veggies, seeds and nuts, fish, meat, dairy products and other foods rich in all kinds of healthy nutrients. You should avoid highly processed food or food high in sugar and fat as well as sugary drinks. Instead of sugary drinks, you should drink plenty of water - around 2 litres per day. You should limit bad habits such as smoking and alcohol. 

Being physically active is closely connected to our physical health. As many of us have sedentary jobs, we should try to be as active as possible. That involves typical daily activities such as walking, jogging, riding a bike, using stairs as well as working out in a gym or playing a sport. Another essential aspect that affects our physical health is sun exposure. On one hand, it is healthy to spend approximately 20 minutes a day in the warm sunshine to get the necessary vitamin D. On the other hand, spending too much time in harmful UV rays can have detrimental effects on our skin and even cause skin cancer. If you like spending time outside, though, what you can do is sit in the sun for 20 minutes and then move under cool protective shade sails to protect yourself from getting a sunburn or other skin disease.

2. Emotional health

Emotional is the second biggest part of our overall health. And to be honest, quite hard to deal with as it refers to our state of mind and the way we handle stress. We are all under some type of stress every day. The key to having a clear state of mind is knowing how to deal with stress in the right way. Our emotional health is also closely connected to how high we think of ourselves as well as to our ability to relax and enjoy the free time we have. You can improve your emotional health by learning to recognize your feelings and express them. You should also indulge in some leisure activities which can relieve your tension. 

3. Spiritual health

Our spiritual health is all about our purpose in life. It is also about our ability to give and receive love as well as how we feel about other people. As far as advice on improving spiritual health are concerned, we can suggest a few useful ones. For starters, you should set some time aside each day for some form of spiritual fulfilment such as meditation or prayer. You could also find a book that enriches your spirituality. Additionally, you can think about some positive characteristics you’d like to have and start working towards them. For some people, it’s also effective to write in a journal.

4. Intellectual health

We get our intellectual health through various modes such as studying, working or improving our skills in some way. It’s basically any mental stimulation. We can also get it from community work, cultural pursuits or hobbies. You can make it substantially better by reading more, watching insightful tv shows, exploring the local library and volunteering opportunities. You should definitely reduce watching trashy tv programs. Attending lectures and programs is also beneficial for you as well as learning some new skills, such as computer skills. 

5. Social health

And lastly, our social health refers to our social interactions and relations with different people in our surroundings. This includes family, friends, neighbours, coworkers and acquaintances. We as humans are social beings and we need these interactions for our overall health. To keep our social health at optimal levels, we should learn how to show more affection to people we care about. What affects us negatively in this context is the fact that sometimes we can be overly critical, so we should strive to be less critical of others. Furthermore, we need good communication skills to work on our social health.

We often tend to overlook the importance of health and all of its aspects. And we only realize it when we don’t have our optimal health. And in those moments, we only wish for ourselves to be healthy so we can do everything we want. The point is not to allow for this moment to come - always be mindful of your health and work on balancing it with everything else in life.

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