Things To Keep In Mind When You Shop For A New T-shirt

Things To Keep In Mind When You Shop For A New T-shirt

T-shirts are a very popular clothing choice for millions of people all over the world. The secret behind such a popularity can be their flexibility to suit different situations and places. You can put a T-shirt on for work, outings or casual occasions. They come in various shapes too which give anyone to find the T-Shirt for their tastes. Taking a look at silent theory t shirt can give you an idea on the latest trends in the T-shirt world.

You might think that all T-Shirts are the same and they are just different in size. But the difference is really huge regarding quality and materials. And you need to be able to differentiate between the good and the bad. This is how you will be able to buy the right custom t shirts.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind while you shop for T-shirts:

1-  Type of material

T-shirts are made from different materials. For instance, there are natural cloth and synthetic fiber. And each one of these two categories come with subcategories. For example, natural fiber cloth includes cotton, linen and wool. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, include nylon and polyester. Also, there are T-shirts that offer a mix between both materials. For instance, there are T-shirts that are made of both cotton and polyester. In some cases, the major part of the fabric is cotton and the minor is polyester and in other cases it is the way around.

Also, the material and fabric determine the price. A pure cotton T-shirt won't be at the same price level as a synthetic one. And each one of these fabrics has a different feel on the skin. Some can be very soft and others might feel a bit rough or itchy.

You need to know which materials make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, there are some fabrics that may cause some people to be somehow allergic. It is important to consider these factors before you select an item.

2-  The outside look

Things To Keep In Mind When You Shop For A New T-shirt

The way a T-shirt looks and how it is designed can definitely decide the winner. You can even find a specific T-shirt more beautiful in a certain color and not like it that much in another one despite having the same design. So, it is basically a matter of personal preference. Some people might be into flashy and colorful prints on a T-shirt's front, while others are more into simple and eye comfort designs. You might be into having a quote written in a way in the front or the back of your T-shirt. Your friend might prefer a T-shirt with an attractive drawing.

3-  Size matters

You can't really choose a T-shirt only for its material and design. The T-shirt must fit you perfectly. Typically, if the T-shirt is too big or too small, you won't wear it at all. So, if you go to a land-based store, you should take the ones you like to the fitting room and try them. Because if you choose blindly based on the size you know, you would probably end up with the wrong size. This is because the size ranges may vary from one brand to another. The same thing applies to shopping from an online store. To avoid this problem when you order online, you should take a good look at measure charts that belong to the brands you are buying from.  

It is important to keep in mind that there are materials that would shrink after the first wash.  Generally, cotton fibers are known for their tendency to shrink.  So, you might want to get a slightly bigger size to avoid the outcome of shrinking.

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