Winter Fashion Trends to Pay Attention to in 2022

Winter Fashion Trends to Pay Attention to in 2022
Winter isn’t often thought of as the most fashionable season. It’s difficult not to slip into a routine of wearing the same dark-wash jeans and gray cashmere sweaters day in and day out outside of New Year’s and holiday outfits. 

But this year, we’re eager to add a little additional flair to our cold-weather ensembles, and thanks to Pinterest and Lyst, we know exactly where to start.
Both have seen a considerable increase in interest within those seven topics, and we expect it will continue to grow. So, if you’re trying to refresh your wardrobe, these are the only seven winter fashion trends to be aware of. No matter what you buy, make sure to do your best. 

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Strong colors

Normally, we get trapped in a gloomy color rut over the winter, but not this time. Cold winter styles with a punch in vivid hues like hot pink, violet, lime green, or red have seen significant spikes in searches on Pinterest and Lyst. You don’t have to wear them from head to toe if that’s not your style, but consider mixing things up with a pop of color, like a bright yellow sweater layered over your favorite jeans.


We’ve adored the shacket (a long-sleeved combo) after a few years, but things are changing as we approach 2022. While traditional wool common objects will always have a place in our hearts, other materials like velvet and shearling are also on the rise, so you can feel sure there’s still a shacket out there that will complement your current ensemble.

Pants made of leather

Faux-leather leggings have been a winter favorite for years, but this year it’s all about faux-leather trousers. The most popular styles have straight legs and are available in black or vibrant colors like red or olive green. To temper, the leather’s innate rockstar vibes, pair them with elegant staples like a slim-fit crewneck sweater or button-up shirt.

High knee boots

Knee-high boots are also in trend, since they’re more of and yet on our January shopping list than a must-do. To add 2 additional agents to the mix, pair them with a light jacket and narrow pants or trousers, or even skirts.

Retro skiwear

Waist-cinching belts, neon color blocking, and high-collared puffers are no longer exclusive to ’80s themed events. Throwback ski gear has made a comeback, both on and off the slopes. Match your belting puff with some more modern items, like straight-leg snow pants over extreme designs or broadening jeans instead of stirrup leggings, to prevent looking like you’re wearing an outfit.

Dresses made of sweaters

Sweater dresses will always be one of our favorite ways to blend comfort and style, but they’re seeing a surge in popularity as we transition back into the world while still spending a lot of time at home. Looser, flowier shapes are more popular this season than curve-hugging ones. What’s the secret to making them appear stylish rather than dowdy? Keep your accessories simple and elegant by wearing a slim belt around your waist.

Feather textures

This winter, it’s all about adding depth to your outfit with textures rather than prints and patterns. Feathers, shearling, decorations, and thick knitting are all entertaining, but croc-embossed scales and raised woodgrain effects are also fun. This is a terrific trend for folks who love neutral colors or monochromatic attire as a way to liven things up without straying too far from their comfort zone.

Blanket hoodies (our favorite)

Looking for a new way to unwind? For added warmth, drape yourself in such a blanket hoodie. They’re simultaneously warm, cozy, and cool. Everyone has an outfit to look forward to in a full day of work. You might obtain one for yourself or as a gift and someone who is difficult to buy for.

To seamlessly blend in with these winter trends, consider incorporating Western boots Australia into your ensemble. The rugged yet stylish appeal of Western boots can effortlessly complement the bold colors, textured layers, and overall warmth-focused fashion of the season. So, whether you're stepping into the urban jungle or navigating the rural landscape, make a statement with Western boots from Australia.

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