5 Things Most People Get Wrong About SEO

5 Things Most People Get Wrong About SEO

We cannot stress enough how important SEO is to the success of your website. Thanks to it, you can seriously improve the visibility of your platform, allowing more people to find it. And when you want to ensure that your site reaches not only its target audience, but also continues to be valid, and successful, you need to clearly understand this process.

However, there are still plenty of SEO mistakes people make, and that can seriously affect how well your site is doing in terms of search engine rankings.

So today, we will share with you some of the most common issues people face, and what are SEO mistakes to avoid in 2022.

It’s Just One Big Gimmick Mentality

Of all the basic SEO mistakes people make, this one is the most common among those unfamiliar with the process. When you hear that SEO boosts rankings and helps your website, many might think of it as some sort of cunning and deceitful practice, that you manipulate the system to go ahead of your competitors. 

But what you need to understand is that there are 2 different variations of SEO - White and Black Hat.

With Black SEO, yes, it can be considered cheating, because it uses methods that violate terms of service - buying links, creating false activity on the platform, and even lying about the credibility of their competitors, falsely accusing them of misinformation and virus malware. That is indeed cheating.

However, most people use White Hat SEO, meaning that they actually improve their sites, with an understanding of how SEO works, and then use these improvements to boost their ranking. 

Treating this like some sort of cheating or fraud is one of the biggest SEO mistakes you can make because that will lead you to the next issue.

Thinking that Keywords Are The Most Important Things

Now, when talking about SEO, yes, keywords have a very important role in the effectiveness of the process; but that doesn’t mean that you should focus solely on them! In fact, it is one of the most prevailing mistakes in SEO - putting as many keys as possible, even if it means sacrificing readability.

Just throwing in a bunch of keywords, whilst ignoring the quality of the content itself and expecting that this will work for search algorithms, is like throwing potatoes and tomatoes in boiling water and expecting it to become a soup made by Gordon Ramsey. 

In reality, you need to balance things out - have all the right keywords, working links to credible sources, readable and helpful content. 

One more reason why putting too many keywords is one of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid, is because the search engine’s algorithms may detect that there’s too much repetition, and thus, think that your site has spam content, and thus even lower it in rankings.

Considering SEO Too Expensive

Not wanting to waste money or hiring bad specialists are among the most important mistakes to avoid in SEO. We understand, no one has a limitless budget and can’t afford to waste money, especially if you’re a new and developing company. 

But what you need to understand is that SEO is an investment. This is what can help make your site and business grow, and if you don’t spare a coin and find some good specialists that know what they’re doing, you will get good results and get even more money back once the traffic to your platform starts to increase.

Believing That CEO is Something Anyone Can Do

And when people think that this process is too expensive, they naively fall for another one of the major SEO mistakes - thinking that anyone can do it. So they end up leaving it to someone that has no clue what they are doing and then will end up with non-existing or inconsequential results.

In reality, SEO is a pretty tricky and complex system that requires knowledge, understanding and the ability to strategize and understand concepts. So it’s not something you can leave to someone that has no idea how it all works, and be aware of the common SEO mistakes to avoid them. You wouldn’t choose an IT specialist to write music for you, you wouldn’t let a child play Mrbet Casino so don’t think of someone unfamiliar with the system to handle the CEO well. 

Thinking that the SEO is All The Same

Finally, among the biggest SEO mistakes is the notion that it’s all the same, so there is no need to develop any strategy or plan. This is an error many novice specialists might make, but more experienced people know that SEO is not a one-size-fits-all process. Every site is unique, every company is unique, and they need a specific tailor-made course of action. 


That’s about all the biggest SEO mistakes that we wanted to share, folks! All and all, this is a pretty tricky system that requires attention, strategic thinking and understanding. And hopefully, our article has helped you learn a bit more about what to watch out for and avoid!

And what are the common SEO mistakes that you know? Maybe we missed something? Then feel free to share your advice and knowledge in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!


Christine J. Shepard is a content writer, SEO specialist, and business blogger from New York. She studied marketing at the London Business School and has since worked in many freelance and business consultancy roles. When not writing, Christine loves to spend her free time practicing yoga, swimming, and watching her favorite TV shows.

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