Everything You Need to Know About Wordle

Everything You Need to Know About Wordle

If you’ve been on any social media platform recently you might recognise a graphic containing a 5x5 stack of blocks of differing green, white and orange tiles. If you’re wondering where this comes from, it’s a score calculator for the latest mobile word game Wordle.

Like many games before including Animal Crossing, Flappy Bird, and Clash Royale, Wordle is the latest mobile gaming bursting into mainstream popularity in an attempt to keep us occupied as we ride out the last few waves of this pandemic. 

Wordle Explained 

But what is it? Wordle is a free mobile game that involves guessing five-letter words through a process of logical deduction. In other words, the user is provided with letters in a 5x5 grid and you have to guess the word. 

A new word is released every day at midnight and the word is the same for every user on the platform. Once you guess correctly you can post your graphic and if you have 5 green blocks it means you’ve cracked the code. 

Basically, the game is a race against your friends to see who can post their graphic the fastest, proving that you’ve solved the puzzle. 

The game was developed and released by Josh Wardle; a Brooklyn-based software developer. He originally created the game for his girlfriend who was an avid solver of word-based puzzles. What Josh didn’t expect was the explosion of popularity that this seemingly simple game would garner. 

A Tech Sensation

Currently, the predicted number of daily Wordle players stands at a whopping 300 000 daily users. The reasons stated above, mainly the fact that only one puzzle is released per day, that everyone is competing for the complete the same puzzle the fastest, and the ease at which you can post your results online is what has people coming back for more every day. 

There are different techniques to winning in Wordle, but many believe that the “midnight madness” players are the ones who are coming out victorious most often. These players wait until midnight for the puzzle to release so that they can be the first ones to crack the code. 

So it’s clear that Josh Wardle has created somewhat of an internet sensation by accident, so what next for Wordle and its fans? Mega fans are worried that once this initial boom in popularity is over the game will die out and that there will be nothing of the sort left to enjoy. 

What experts have said however is that Wordle is the type of game that may stick around for a long time, just like those at playlive casino. It may seem simple at face value but in truth, there is something more complex about the itch it is scratching for many. 

No one can quite put a finger on what makes Wordle and its variant Quordle so addictive and fun, but many predict it’s not just about the words. 

It’s about the community, the pride you feel when completing a puzzle before your friends, and the thrill of cracking the code early. 

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