The Top IT support trends for 2022

The top IT support trends for 2022

The skill of flexibility is something we've learned over the previous 24 months. And as we approach the year 2022, the next stage of evolution is upon us. Every area of our personal life has changed dramatically, but there has also been a tremendous shift in our work lives.

Who would have guessed that a huge majority of employees would be working remotely two years ago? Probably not the 83 percent of office workers in the United Kingdom who believe that flexible working is here to stay.

However, not having all employees in the office has had a detrimental influence on tech support, with almost half (45%) of remote workers have had to wait longer for a problem to be handled when working from home.

As the adage goes, the only constant changes, and there are a few IT trends that will emerge over the next 12 months that organizations must remain on top of to maintain competitiveness and offer the workplace of the future.

Automation that is intelligent

With remote employees being away from their computers at any given time or working more flexible hours, the time has come to pivot and learn how to function out of sight and "in sync."

An asynchronous method of working should be considered by businesses since it is a critical facilitator of a productive, engaged, and inventive team in an in-between arrangement.

Robotic process automation, natural language processing, and intelligent document processing are all helping to lessen reliance on repetitive, manual labor while also eliminating the danger of human mistakes intruding into vital activities.
Businesses will be addressing the transition to this new style of working in 2022 since it is a critical facilitator of how productive, engaged, and inventive teams like to work.

Instead of collaborating in real-time – such as walking over to the next desk to ask a question – organizations have become more reliant on collaborative technology as their primary form of communication as a result of remote employment.

Using clever automation tactics to beat a rival to the market makes a major impact. Hiring international-based workers are one of the most difficult aspects of growing overseas, but it might be addressed in the short term by using automated chatbots during hours when employees aren't available.
Intelligent automation streamlines processes improve efficiency and eliminate the need to assign personnel to repetitive or time-consuming jobs, allowing them to focus on more creative and collaborative duties.

Improved IT Support from a Distance

Workers demand the flexibility work around childcare duties, family commitments, and personal errands now that the flexible working genie is out of the bottle. And, by eliminating the daily drive, this new world has thrown the former working rhythm entirely out of whack.

Employees and offices are also being scattered around the country. While all an employee needs now to perform their duties is a working laptop and a reliable internet connection, they're always one technological hiccup away from grinding to a halt – 73 percent of employees said they had to wait up to an extra five hours for an issue to be resolved while working remotely.

Employees loathed staying on the phone for hours as IT gurus sought a solution before Covid, even though remote tech help was already a thing. However, even while IT staff have begun to work more flexible hours, businesses and employees still want round-the-clock technical help if something goes wrong.

Thankfully, IT support has progressed as a result of this. Remote desktop programs like Teamviewer, as well as IT asset management software solutions that may assist extend the life of equipment by avoiding and forecasting issues before they occur, are becoming increasingly widespread on work laptops.
When it comes to changing hardware, Smart Lockers that keep cloud-backed IT equipment are starting to spring up near offices and remote workers, cutting down on the time it takes to find replacement devices and get employees back up and running.

Broken equipment can be switched for borrowed ones utilizing systems like smart lockers. Instead of being put on wait, employees just submit their requests on a support portal and have their equipment swapped out at the nearest hub, saving time, resources, and money.

Skilled IT Engineers are in high demand.

Many organizations emerged from the epidemic ravenous for talent and qualified IT experts, like a bear awakening from winter hibernation.

Despite the government vacation program expiring in September 2021, recent data shows that there is still a robust need for skilled labor. The number of employment openings has also increased dramatically, with experience in technology and IT is one of the most in-demand skills.

It's a market dominated by employees. Experienced professionals are pickier about their employers than ever before, and they won't take just any job offer. When looking for top IT talent, it's critical to focus on what matters most to them.
A company's technology might reveal a lot about them. Investing in your technology stack to keep it current, relevant, and exciting is a key to attracting many IT applicants, even if you can't afford all of the latest cutting-edge tech solutions.

While a piece of technology may operate and be practical if it isn't fascinating or something that would pique the interest of IT experts, you risk being considered as outmoded or unfit for career advancement. This can play a big role in whether you accept or reject a job offer.

Failure to use the most up-to-date technology to better business outcomes can soon put you behind the curve.

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