Top 5 Exercises for Serratus Anterior For Shoulder Stability

Broad shoulder, muscular chest, and chiseled abs are all considered the most desirable features in men. However, most people forget that all these things are connected. Chest is not just going to increase in muscle mass, you will be gaining strength as well. Since the chest supports the movement of the shoulder, you will see that shoulder muscles strengthen because of chest muscles. Eventually, right after chest muscle, you have abdominal muscles so it is safe to say that all these muscles are connected. If we look at Serratus Anterior, most people consider it a muscle group that only supports the stretch. However, it is much more than that. It also offers stability to the shoulders and supports its movement by offering it a better range of muscle movement.

Top 5 Exercises for Serratus Anterior For Shoulder Stability

With the help of this article, we will explain why Serratus Anterior is important and how it can benefit you. We will also talk about the impact chest muscle workout has on shoulder stability. Eventually, we will discuss some of the best workouts that you can try for strengthening your chest and shoulder muscles.

What Is Serratus Anterior – Located And Purpose?

Serratus anterior is the lower chest muscles that are located just under your armpits on either side. If you look closely you will see a thin muscular lining that covers your ribcage from each side. This layer of thin muscles is usually referred to as serratus anterior. Since this is located on the inner side, there is a counter muscles group that is located on the outer side to complement its movement as well. If we look at other muscles that support the movement of the serratus anterior, we will see pectoral muscles with the scapula. We will also see two other very significant muscles including pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi muscles.

Since serratus anterior muscles are located on the inner side of the ribcage, they help in the movement of the shoulder. As you will start to move your shoulder upwards you will see that these muscles stretch across your ribcage, supporting your chest muscles that will further support your shoulders muscle stop moving all the way up. Apart from this, Serratus Anterior also helps in lifting the object and especially helps in the movement of the ribcage. Since breathing has a lot to do with the ribcage movement, you will see your Serratus Anterior doing a lot of work. Serratus Anterior also helps extend your arm fully, so if you need to punch someone, this muscle group will help you. Due to their support, this muscle group is also known as boxing muscles.

Top 5 Exercises for Serratus Anterior For Shoulder Stability

Bear Crawl

Top 5 Exercises for Serratus Anterior For Shoulder Stability

For this exercise you will be mixing the movement of a lizard or a toddler who is learning how to crawl. It is pretty simple, you just have to get on all fours, and then eventually you will start crawling.

Push Up

Start by getting into the plank position and then retain your body weight on your arms, hands, and your toes. Now lift it up and take a deep dive till you feel your nose touching the ground.


Shadowboxing will help you work on your Serratus Anterior by extending your arms fully. You will start by standing right in front of the mirror and then formulate your movement as you imagine punching someone. Keep shifting your position for better reach and extend your arm as much as possible.

Resistance Band Stretch

Top 5 Exercises for Serratus Anterior For Shoulder Stability

This is a very simple workout and since slime games are becoming common even kids are working on their Serratus Anterior. For this exercise, start by getting a resistance band and grabbing either side. Now stretch it from side to side. You will be moving it to left and right. After that stretch, it up and down and then stretch it diagonally as well. This will help you work on your Serratus Anterior.

Abs Roll

Abs roll is a very simple exercise where you need dumbbells. You need to grab the dumbbells by the handles and then slowly move them across like you are stretching all the way. You will start by getting on your knees and then grip the dumbbells and stretch all the way. You will eventually notice that you are going ahead full stretch as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there is no way you can work on strengthening one muscle group in the upper body and forget about the rest of the muscle. Most of the muscles are connected and they are interdependent as well. The movement of one muscle supports and compliments the movement of other muscles. Since most people only think about working on their abs or arms they forget that chest muscles are equally important because they will offer shoulder stability that will help you lift things easily. While selecting a workout, try to divide it into simpler exercises with each exercise group focusing on one muscle group. 
Eventually, you are able to set a good frequency for all muscles without disturbing its results on your workout. Apart from this, when you have a huge range of muscles to work on, you will divide them on day to day basis which will eventually offer your body enough time for recovery and you will be able to save your self-form overtraining.
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