Which Is The Easiest Sport To Bet In And Win Against Bookmakers?

Which Is The Easiest Sport To Bet In And Win Against Bookmakers?

Betting in sports has its own challenges. The punters need to bet against bookmakers to claim a win. While the bookmakers have advantage of algorithm and several other tools, they usually have upper hand. There are a few sports that are easier to bet for punters; tennis, basketball, and soccer are some names to mention.


How a sport becomes easier to bet in? Well, the trick likes in not one but several factors. Number of players involved, type of data available for research and the popularity of the games are some notable factors that make betting easy. Taking all these factors in consideration, we annotate here a few sports that see lots of punters winning a bet. 

• Tennis

Tennis games don’t happen so often. The fixtures are announced well in advance. And the number of tournaments being played are quite few. Most importantly, a handful of players rule the roost. A player remains at the ace position for years and his or her style doesn’t change too often. Thus, the punters don’t need to deal with a lot of changes. 
Also, the number of players involved in tennis game is just one to two per side. Hence, there are fewer numbers to crack. However, one has to be ready for the upsets as these happen when a new seed player shows a different approach and makes winning difficult for a regular favorite.

Some points worth considering while betting on tennis game are:
• How the player performs in various kinds of courts – grass, clay, hard, etc.
• Ranks of the players
• Latest meeting records of the players
• Player injury or fitness level, etc.

Tennis is one of the easiest sports to bet in and beat the bookmakers, as the records are minimal and there is no complex calculation involved.

• Soccer

Availability of lots of games to speculate upon throughout year makes soccer one of the favorable sports for betting. The punters can keep themselves busy and have a fair share of income annually. Soccer has a number of odds and bets that are easier to guess. Though keeping track of the record of each and every player is a tough job, it can be compensated with assessing performance of teams in total. 
In soccer tournaments, too, a few teams are always at the top 4 and six. The number of teams differing conspicuously in their expertise and performance levels make a good case for one-sided matches.

Hence, though odds may be low which means lower income, the chances of winning these are fairly high.
Also, there are some tournaments where the percentage of matches ending in a draw are more than 25%. These are mostly the top-tier soccer’s matches where every participant fights tooth and nail to prove supremacy. Hence, speculating draws and making money from these bets are easier.

Some of the bets in soccer matches where the chances of winning are high are:
a. BTTS: Both teams to score. It requires the punters to speculate if the teams will score in the match or not only. Since there is no requirement of guessing exact score, the bettors can have a better luck.
b. Over/Under: The bettors speculate if the score in the match will go over a chosen figure or stay under it. The situation does not demand to speculate how many goals each side will score. Thus, this bet is easier to speculate.
c. Draw no bet: In Draw no bet, the bet will be cancelled if the match ends in a draw. Thus, the bet is safer from the earnings’ perspective and helps have an edge over bookmakers.
Soccer betting is one of the oldest source of entertainment and keeps everyone busy. There are professional soccer tipster also working towards making the betting process easier and fruitful for all. Taking tips also helps win over the bookmakers sometimes.

• Cricket

Cricket is also a sport actively followed in a major part of the world. It draws maximum crowd and does promote sport tourism. Bettors can make the best of the opportunities available in this sport. They can maximize their profits by speculating games in the tournaments such as ICC World Cup and others. This sport has clear favorites and very few teams manage to stay at the top of the score tally. Hence, it makes an ideal sport to bet upon where the variances between the bettors and bookmakers will not be too conspicuous.
Some of the reasons Cricket is an easy sport to bet upon are:
a. Lot of data available for analysis and making betting decisions
b. Very few teams come up as favorite
c. Group matches mostly pit the strong team against the conspicuous weaker ones. It creates opportunities for one-sided matches, which means clear wins.
Hence, bookmakers cannot make much from the house advantage while betting on cricket matches. It serves as a good earning source for professional punters. Live betting availability creates lots of betting opportunities too.

• Basketball

It does not require to be an expert in basketball to bet on it. The game has limited number of tournaments and select few teams topping the tournament chart. Since it is not one of the most popular sports, the bookmakers don’t delve much deeper in this sport either. Thus, you can have comparable chances as bookmakers while betting on the basketball games.

A few interesting points that make the case in favor of basketball game as an easy sport to bet upon are:
a. It is a low competition market, hence, the bettors may have higher chances at winning.
b. This game has easily predictable leagues like NBA, FIBA, Euroleague, ACB League, etc. 
c. The highest odd is somewhere around 2.20. Thus, mostly the odds are easier to win and are easier to buy too.


The bettors do have tough time making money from speculation due to house advantage enjoyed by the bookmakers. But, it is not a universal truth. People can seek for football tipster to find various hidden opportunities to make money from betting on a closer inspection. With practice and maintenance of betting records, you may find those opportunities. Keep factors like low competition and low odds in mind – a quick tip!
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