Mini-Guide for Newbies on Bitcoin

Mini-Guide for Newbies on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency in the market, however,with only digital presence it is virtual.

To put it in simple terms Bitcoin is nothing but a computer program enabling users to transact with this currency instead of real cash. Bitcoin transactions is recorded by Blockchains instead of banks or any such financial institute, with identities of traders, buyers, or sellers not revealed anywhere, though in the record. 

Down the Memory Lane with Bitcoin

Under an alias name, Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin nailed its first emergence in 2009. Back in the 90s, a group of programmers worked to strengthen the security system of cryptography, which led to the surfacing of cypherpunk. Complex mathematical programming was there to ensure a reliable and secure network of finance, commerce, and communications. However, Bitcoin came into existence with an intense attempt to decentralize the power of trade and finance monitoring. Bitcoin, therefore, started the legacy of the peer-to-peer electronic virtual payment and trading system, known as cryptocurrency, today. 

Working of Bitcoin

Let’s take a glimpse of the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency working:

• Blockchain is the digital ledger maintaining a record of every digital cryptocurrency transaction around the world. Numerous blockchains are maintaining this irreversible string of records.

• Since in cryptocurrency or Bitcoin trading there is no real cash involved, you own your digital currency in a digital wallet, through an exchange platform and have access with a private key.

• This private key is like your access to your account, allowing you to trade with Bitcoin. You can earn Bitcoin by purchasing it with cash or credit or debit card, by selling anything against payment of Bitcoin, or by solving complex mathematical equations to earn Bitcoin in reward. 

Transactions are operated and maintained through Bitcoin mining. Mining here too is like digging for gold or diamond, wherein in this case, a user needs to solve complex mathematical and computation algorithms.
When an algorithm string is solved, one mining block is potentially mined where the user is rewarded with Bitcoin in return. There are exchange platforms where users can create secured accounts to proceed with Bitcoin earning and trading. 

Cryptocurrency Asset Building

The supply chain system determines the value of Bitcoins. Any cryptocurrency value is determined based on its availability in the market. Now, every user invests in cryptocurrency with an expectation to earn and achieve higher returns. But as a matter of fact, it is not possible to predict the trend of Bitcoin valuation or supply in the upcoming time. Along with computation knowledge and technical expertise one also needs to invest in high-performance supercomputers. 

Bitcoin Wallets

Needless to explain the role of wallets in general. One cannot keep cash loose in a pocket as it becomes easier to misplace or lose them. 

Similarly, for Bitcoins or any other crypto token, you need to stock or store your earned Bitcoins in a wallet to keep them safe and secured.
Now, a wallet needs to be created and it is only possible to have a wallet when you get associated with a cryptocurrency exchange. 

Once you have registered with an exchange you get to create your wallet which can again be of two types where you can store your Bitcoins. 

• Hot Wallet
• Cold Wallet

Hot Wallets store your virtual digital currency online in a cloud-based place. This wallet is secured with a private key that only you know, and all liabilities lie with you if you forget your key which can lead to losing your Bitcoin savings.
You can access your wallet with a browser, through a laptop, or smartphone.

Cold wallets have an offline existence where you have an encrypted portable device where you can download all your assets of Bitcoin, and store them without any online access further. 

Standing in 2022, a crypto-driven world, more and more companies, small scale as well as giant entities in the global market are now accepting Bitcoin payments.
Companies are also investing in cryptocurrency. You can also start your journey in cryptocurrency trading by your side being your trading guide. 

Start your cryptocurrency investment today, to secure a bright future that the globe is embracing in a swift and dominating way.
You can start trading by buying or selling commodities for Bitcoins, or purchase digital currency against cash if not by solving complex algorithms. 

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