Most Popular Online Games in Africa

Most Popular Online Games in Africa

Each continent across the world has its own trends when it comes to playing online games, and today we are going to focus particularly on Africa. Now of course within each of the 54 countries there are different favorites with regards to the online games they love to play, but it is in terms of the continent as a whole which we will be looking into today. Online gaming has really boomed in recent years across Africa, in particular with those playing from their mobile phones.
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Here then are the most commonly played games across the countries.

Casino Games

There are a number of nations where you will find some serious aficionados of casino games, and this is one of the most commonly played games in the continent. Playing casino games on sites similar to novibet.ie has become vastly popular, so much so that we often see those same games played on the streets, in physical form. There is a reason that casino games are still so popular, and it is because they are simple to play, and hard to win.

FIFA Soccer

The number one game played on consoles throughout Africa is FIFA soccer, and this has been the case now for many years. Each African nation has its own take own sports, but in most countries it is soccer which is the most popular, being played in towns, cities and villages up and down the continent. Given this love for the game, it is easy to see why FIFA has proven to be so popular.
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Leti Arts

A common complaint amongst many Africans is that the characters with which they play are not relatable. This stands to reason of course with so many white westerners heading up the franchise of so many online games. Africa’s Legends by Leti Arts however is a game which is deeply rooted in African heritage, and this is why so many love to immerse themselves in this action packed game.
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This game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, has taken off all around the world since its creation, and African countries are no different at all. One of the biggest boosts which this game has seen in Africa is that it has been adopted by local Esports companies, which has further pushed the game into public view. Another reason why this game has grown to be so popular is that it has been seamlessly moved onto mobile, which is where most Africans enjoy their gaming experience. This switch to mobile has seen the number of people across the African nations who play this game significantly rise, and it is still rising as we speak.

Throughout this continent you will still find so many games played in the streets, but little by little many Africans are looking to enjoy their gaming experience on their computers and on their mobile phones, and these are the games which they are playing the most.
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