The Catastrophic Relegation Of River Plate

The Catastrophic Relegation Of River Plate

Argentina is one of the most football-loving nations on this planet. Fans from all over the world can download 1xBet app in order to wager on its exciting local competitions and on its national team.
Saying that fans love their teams is an understatement. And probably, the biggest proof of all the love, passion and devotion that fans feel for their teams was proven on the 26th of June 2011.

On that day, the unthinkable happened. For the first time ever River Plate, one of the most important teams in Argentinian football, was relegated to the second division of Argentina.

This not only caused deep pain on River fans, it also led to protests, confrontations and many other incidents across all of Argentina. Whenever wanting to wager on River Plate from a mobile device, make sure to download the 1xBet app for iOS or Android devices.

The end of a painful process

Due to the rules of Argentinian football at that time, in order to decide promotions and relegation, points of the current and previous seasons were considered. Fans can make a Bet365 login now and wager on which teams they think are likely to be promoted or relegated.

The process that led to the relegation was a long agony rather than an instantaneous event. While it was consumed in 2011, its beginnings can be traced all the way back to 2008.
However, for summarizing, let’s see what happened in the relegation play-offs. Due to the bad performances of River between 2008 and 2011, by the end of the 2010-11 season, the squad needed to play the relegation play-offs.

River’s opposition was Belgrano, who were trying to secure a promotion to the first division of Argentinian football. The first match was played in Belgrano’s home on the 22nd of June 2011, and the hosts won 2-0 with goals scored by César Mansanelli and César Pereyra.

River Plate had their very last opportunity to avoid the catastrophe. On the 26th of June, both teams faced each other again in River’s home stadium.
Things started quite well for the hosts, and there were hopes that the catastrophe could be averted. Mariano Pavone scored for River in the 5th minute.
However, Guillermo Farré put the final 1-1 in the 61st minute. The global result was 3-1, meaning that the unthinkable finally happened.

The match was suspended in the 89th minute due to incidents that went out of control. Some immediate consequences that happened included:

  • the Monumental stadium was closed in order to avoid incidents;
  • president Daniel Passarella suffered multiple threats;
  • coach Juan José Lopez resigned with immediate effect;

River returned to the Argentinian first division less than a year later. By deciding to login to Bet365, fans can wager on all the matches of this squad.

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