Things You Can Buy with Cryptocurrency in Africa

Things You Can Buy with Cryptocurrency in Africa

There is no wonder in saying that cryptocurrency is becoming mainstream at the present time.

If you observe closely, you will find numerous companies, industries, and others in the market sector are getting associated with cryptocurrency.
There are various reasons behind this association and acceptance of crypto as payment. But the question is, what can you buy with crypto coins?

If you are an African based trader and want to know what things you can buy with your crypto coins, then consider reading our blog post. In the below section of this blog post, we have listed down the things that you can buy with your crypto coins.

The African companies accepting crypto coins

Let us first start understanding the companies in Africa that accept crypto coins as payment.
Thus, in this section, we have provided a list that will state the companies that accept crypto coins a payment in Africa. 

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Now let us look at the list of companies who have involved themselves in the digital financial market and have started accepting cryptos.

● Takealot.com
● Earthchild
● Cape Coffee Beans
● RunwaySale
● iFix/weFix 
● Future Light
● Baseline Skate Shop

The list of things that can be bought in Africa with cryptos

Now that you know about the companies, let us look at the things that you can buy with your crypto coins. Mentioned below are some of the things that can be bought by cryptocurrencies in Africa. 

Expensive cars

There is no wrong in saying that at present, you will find many car companies who have started to accept cryptos, especially bitcoin, as a payment method. Thus if you are an African crypto trader, you can buy various expensive cars in Africa just with your crypto coins. To your surprise, you can buy a Ferrari with your crypto coins in South Africa.

Gold coins or Krugerrands

Cryptocurrency is itself an asset, but the best thing about this asset is that you can buy other assets with cryptos. In South Africa, there was high demand of coins for coins, and that is why, from last few years, the South African gold coins exchange (SAGCE) and the coin shop started to accept cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Litecoin, Dai, and Bitcoin Cash as payment for gold and gold coins. 

Beer making kit

Yes, you have heard right; you can buy a beer making kit with your crypto coins. All thanks to the man who is behind making this possible, Danie Barnard. He is the one who has started, “ make-your-own-beer-starter-kits - Boer Bier.” Boer Bier was started in the year 2020, just before the world got hit by a deadly coronavirus, and because of covid 19, alcohol sales were banned in South Africa, and this is when this company decided to accept cryptos as a payment method.  

The bottom line

We have listed some of the common things that you can buy with your cryptos in Africa, especially in South Africa. There are plenty of other companies, too, that accept cryptos as payment.

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