Tips For Managing Remote Sales Teams In 2022

A businessman shown on a video call, symbolizing managing remote sales teams in 2022

The age of remote work is here. All companies are switching to either full remote work or a hybrid model that includes both office work and remote work. As a sales team manager, it is important to constantly be in touch with your sales representatives. However, that might be a bit more difficult to do with the current working regime. Nevertheless, let's talk about some essential tips for managing remote sales teams in 2022. These pieces of advice will hopefully make your job easier, and help you support your team and your company.

Set your expectations and make sure everyone knows them

Poor communication is the number one problem in any business. People that work together and communicate poorly cannot benefit the business. One of the common situations that happen during remote work is that the leaders do not communicate their expectations to the team.

When we talk about sales, setting goals is the most crucial part. The entire growth of the company depends on the sales team. With that in mind, know what your expectations are. Make sure to be clear on that, so every sales agent knows what is expected of them. Furthermore, you need to nurture positive communication

As a bonus, create a system that will help you track the action plan.

Additionally, all sales agents should know when their teammates are available. They need to communicate with a manager and with their colleagues as well. Only a strong and cooperative team is a winning team.

Invest time and money into a useful remote communication app for your team

We already mentioned how communication plays a crucial part in remote work. Another way to improve internal communication is to purchase remote communication software. Apps like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and many others are perfect for this scenario.

However, before you make a purchase, be sure to know what your team's requirements are.

These apps use the same features, but they also have different additions that make them even better. Compare the full license plans and find what suits your team the most.

Use CRM software

We all understand the importance of customer data. It drives the entire business, and it is crucial for many processes within the company. One of the best platforms for collecting customer data is CRM software. It allows you to create customer profiles, store different types of data, and analyze everything. Furthermore, you can use CRM to track the customer journey, observe clients while going through the sales funnel, and much more.

Additionally, if you use proper tools, your sales team will have a single database containing all the data, which will improve their efficiency. One of the biggest issues with using multiple data is the amount of human error, duplicated entries, and outdated information. With CRM software, all of this goes away. All of the teams in the company will be able to use a single database to store customer info.

Create a winning strategy

Sales processes are necessary to ensure a winning strategy. Whatever app you are using, organize meetings to keep everything in check. Not only that, but you need to relay messages and instruct sales agents whenever there is a change in the procedure. Always be informed about whether they fulfilled their daily quotas or not.

Another great boost for the team is to organize workshops. Train the employees from home, and find ways to solve any problems they have. Working as a sales agent is difficult, and any additional training or guidance will be beneficial.

Praise employees for a job well done

Selling is difficult. All sales agents need to speak with customers and give their best to sell them a product. It is a challenging line of work, and any words of praise might make a difference between a motivated employee and someone who is not.

Whenever sales agents do their daily, weekly, or monthly quotas, it is crucial to praise them. They need to know that you are aware of all their efforts. A good manager needs to keep the motivation and optimism on a high level. That is a good approach if you wish to develop a strategy that will brand your business.

Revisit your meeting schedule

If the sales team is starting a new project, it is perfectly fine to have a lot of meetings every day. You never know how the project will turn out, so it's better to over-communicate if necessary.

However, you will notice in time that some of the meetings are not necessary. You will improve team processes, and only keep the important meetings. This is mostly to talk with the agents, ensure that everything is fine, and that they don't have any problems on the job.

You will also outline the most important sales processes, and create specialized meetings to cover specific topics. As time passes, you will reduce meeting time, and make sure that the team meets all the deadlines.

Managing remote sales teams in 2022 is easy!

Let's do a quick summary of the various ways to manage your sales team remotely:

• choose the best communication software;
• define goals and your expectations;
• use CRM software to collect and analyze customer data, track the sales funnel, and much more;
• work on a winning strategy;
• praise the sales agents for a job well done;

These strategies for managing remote sales teams in 2022 work best when combined. Once you have a plan of action, make sure to communicate it to the entire team. Let them know how you plan to handle specific situations, and ask for their input. Sales agents often know more about the clients, so be sure to listen to whatever they say. With that in mind, good luck helping your sales team shine!

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