How difficult is the Cisco CCIE certification?

How difficult is the Cisco CCIE certification?

Cisco's CCIE certification is regarded as the Ph.D. of networking. It's an expert-level certification, and candidates should have three to five years of experience working with Cisco networking technology before taking it.
Because of the exam's complexity, there are many misconceptions concerning the CCIE certification. 

Here, we'll talk about the CCIE exam's difficulty level as well as some common misconceptions about Cisco certifications. 

Myth 1: The CCIE lab test is impossible to pass.

While many individuals do not pass the test on their first attempt, it would be absurd to proclaim the CCIE lab exam unpassable. Every day, there are still a large number of pupils who would pass in a variety of testing centers across the globe. Those who have attempted and failed the CCIE lab test and given up their goal for CCIE certification like to spread this misinformation.  Check it out here. 

Earning the CCIE would need a significant amount of effort, and the exam is very tough to pass. You'd have to devise a study strategy, build a training program, and come up with successful test-taking tactics all while managing your time properly.

Myth 2: CCIEs are no longer valuable.

This would be just another pointless debate. Sure, there are not a lot of CCIE-certified IT workers out there, but it doesn't detract from the certification's worth; in fact, it has risen significantly! 

The wages that CCIE-certified IT experts fetch in the market are another evidence of how much getting a CCIE is regarded in the IT business. 

3rd Myth: Exam proctors are unjust.

This is another fallacy that is likely to be shared by those who failed this test. Proctors, on the other hand, are thought to be there to assist test takers, whether it's in the case of an equipment breakdown or to prevent cheating on the exam. A cheater will not be liked by anybody, and they may jeopardize the certification process as a whole.

Myth #4: If you pursue the CCIE, you will have no life.

Sure, some newer candidates may need between 500 and 700 hours of hands-on preparation to have a good chance of passing the test, but nothing will stop you from fitting those hours in around your friends, family, and career. It's vital to create a timetable that works for you, and it should include time to reward yourself for achieving training objectives, such as a trip to the ice cream parlor or a movie break parlor.

Earning a CCIE certification might be difficult, but it doesn't have to be frightening. 

Passing the CCIE lab test may take up to 1,000 hours of study time and needs a laser-like intensity that puts marriages, children, and hobbies on hold. The lab test is equally expensive, with textbooks, preparation classes, Cisco equipment racks, exam fees, and travel expenditures totaling up to $20,000.

In the network business, the lab test is so demanding that it has mythological dimensions. CCIEs discuss how physically demanding the process is and consider it one of their finest achievements.

Why Is CCIE A Difficult Exam?

Since its inception in 1993, the CCIE has been regarded as the most demanding certification in the IT industry. It is divided into two sections: a written examination and a practical lab test. Routing and switching, security, service provider, storage networking, and voice are the five tracks available for the CCIE. Routing and switching is the most popular track.

The written test, which consists of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, is rather simple, and most individuals pass it on their first or second attempt. Around 12,000 individuals take the CCIE written exam each year, which is offered at Pearson VUE or Prometric testing centers.

The lab exam is demanding since it assesses problem-solving abilities in a practical setting. Test takers will spend eight hours in the lab configuring and troubleshooting Cisco network equipment. To pass, they must get 80% of the potential points. Passing the lab test requires practical experience, quickness, and the ability to stay cool under duress.

Passing the CCIE test earns network engineers a unique number to display on their business cards and email signatures. They will also get a Cisco plaque and will be able to buy CCIE office supplies and gear. Cisco hosts CCIE online forums and directs CCIEs to more experienced technical support personnel.

Every two years, CCIEs must take a written test to renew their certificates. 

Passing the CCIE lab test on the first attempt is very unusual but not impossible.

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