How to Fix Samsung Washer UR Code

How to Fix Samsung Washer UR Code

The last thing you want is to start your laundry and discover that your Samsung washer has an error code. Even worse is when the dirty dishes won't wash over and over and over again. An UR error code that keeps coming up annoys and rages you, so you want it fixed as quickly as possible.

You have options, fortunately. In this article, we'll discuss what a code means, what signs you'll see and what you should do. You can address the Samsung washer UR code more easily in the future and hope to avoid it altogether if you understand the best approaches for handling it.

What Is a UR Error Code?

UR errors occur when the load is unevenly distributed around the washer tub, also known as the drum. The UR error stands for "Unbalanced Load Retry," which occurs when there is an excessive amount of laundry on one side of the drum, resulting in the drum spinning unevenly and losing its direction. It will attempt to correct the issue using a number of steps since this can result in short-term and long-term problems for the drum and the machine. 

Specific steps include:

- Try to loosen the clothes by refilling the drum with water
- Separate the clothes a little by agitating them
- Drain and spin them to continue the cycle

If the machine fails to complete the cycle, instead of stopping at the end and refilling the drum, it may do so up to five or six times per load. It may stop the load mid-wash, leaving your clothes soaked in the drum.

What Signs Usually Go Along with a UR Error Code?

There is, of course, always the possibility that the drum or another mechanical part of the machine is malfunctioning rather than the computer. Check for signs of malfunctioning before acting on UR error codes. 

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When the code accurately reflects the problem, the machine will:

- Drum filled with water, washed and spun, filled, spun, filled, spun, etc.
- Draining the clothes will result in dripping loads out of the drum
- Until there is no end to the spin cycle, keep spinning and spinning
- The problem occurs even with very small loads that shouldn't unbalance the drum or cause the UR error code to appear.

This is one of the main signs that your appliance is experiencing the UR error, so you can go forward to fixing it if any or all of these signs are present.

What Can You Do to Fix the Error Yourself?

You or a technician may be able to fix the problem without the need for a mechanical fix. Start by ensuring that the machine is loaded properly.

- Check the size and weight of the load: Although the UR error code can appear even for small loads, it is more likely to appear on heavier loads. You should not fill the washer more than three-quarters of the way with water.

- If you pile up tight or only put clothes in one side, or if you stuff heavy clothes in one side and light clothes in the other, you'll likely have an error. Divide evenly.

- Wash cycles should be matched to the type of load: If you choose the wrong setting - such as a delicate cycle for heavily soiled clothing - this can result in a poor performance inside the drum and possibly an error code UR. The settings and laundry should always be matched up correctly.

- If the drum of the washing machine is tilted to one side, unbalanced loads may also occur. Balance appliances with a level (or an app) on your cell phone and insert furniture levelers underneath if necessary.

- If the problem is with the electronic controller or computer of the Samsung washing machine, unplugging it may help reset it. Wait 10 minutes before restarting the machine. Make sure the error resolves on its own by running a load of laundry.

You may need technical help if none of these solutions work.

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