Famous Animated Logos

Famous Animated Logos

Creating a unique logo is not an easy task, but adding animation will make your design stand out from the rest. Animated logos grab attention and give as much information about the brand as static logos can't. In this article, we will look at several well-known examples of animations.

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What is a logo

A logo is a carrier of information about a company. The formal definition of the term "logo" can be given as follows - it is the necessary representation of the company, the most important element of corporate identity, made in the form of a compact visual image. You can understand what a logo is based on its purpose.

With the help of a logo, you can attract the attention of customers, create a good impression about the company. A small graphic miniature of your company will constantly remind everyone around you what your company represents and that your company is what they have been looking for. A logo can lead a company to leadership, it paves the way for a brand.
Famous animated logos

Motion Design named one of this year's leading trends. Animated elements have become a core part of a powerful design offering innovative and fresh solutions. Animation is used for various components of the user interface of a digital product, as well as for any other graphic material.

An animated logo is a popular marketing and branding asset. Motion designers turn static logos into something new and unique. Today, many brands continue to share animated versions of their logos with the world.

Consider the most famous of them.

WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Famous Animated Logos

There are many ways to bring a logo to life, but adding subtle movement is the most suitable option. Even the smallest movements will attract attention and create a pleasant and catchy impression on the audience. There are many animated logos in which the sign is formed and disappears. However, you should not create too long animation.

The 1986 WWF logo by Jenny Leibundgut is a classic example of a successful animated logo. It was animated by Brian Hopkins in the making of an animated film from Planet Nutshell. Several movements have been added that make viewers smile and get emotionally interested.

The design was created only for the video. The movement of the paws and head made the logo come alive. It absolutely matches the mood of the video.


Famous Animated Logos

Movements that tell about the company's field of activity refer to a more complex approach to creating a logo. The animated Designtorget logo was created by Stockholm-based design agency Kurppa Hosk. The company specializes in Scandinavian interior design. The letters of the logo create associations with furniture and utensils, goods that are sold in the store.
Famous Animated Logos

Another task of animated logos is to highlight what was not visible in the original logo. Many logos convey meaning through symbols hidden in negative space or used instead of letters. But not every viewer will pay attention to it. To make the main message more obvious, you can use moving versions of the logo. The animated logo for the Norwegian online book repository Alvit was created by Nikita Melnikov. The magnifying glass turns into the negative space of the letter "a", emphasizing the searchability of the site.

Feral Sphere

Famous Animated Logos

Animation can serve to emphasize the individuality of the logo and the brand as a whole. A distinctive feature of the British clothing brand Feral Sphere is the production of clothes from organic cotton, and 100% of the electricity they use comes from renewable sources - the sun and wind. The logo of this company was designed by Mind Design and illustrator Lenya Hauser. The source of inspiration was the traditional Japanese religion – Shinto.

The lines move in such a way that there are associations with the wind swaying the trees, a flock of birds, swarming bees. A brand aimed at sustainability should have just such a logo that hints at all kinds of manifestations of nature. Animation emphasizes the feeling of freedom. The Feral Sphere logo is distinctive and unique.


Famous Animated Logos

A brand transitioning to a new identity can reap many benefits by animating the logo. In a rebranding process, especially a full-scale rebranding, animation can be used as a message to the audience that a change has taken place. Fox Entertainment launched another logo last year to complement the core identity with radically different 3D letters.

The abstract animation created by Trollb├Ąck + Company has a deep meaning and demonstrates that the company is taking risks and leading the way. Using an animation that shows the transition from the regular logo helps make the new brand identity easier to follow.

An animated logo will breathe new life into your brand identity. If you are ready for change, then go for it! We wish you good luck!

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