How Do I Make a Pay Stub for My Employee?

How Do I Make a Pay Stub for My Employee?

It is required by law that all businesses keep payroll information and employee records on hand. This is true whether you are self-employed, have only one employee, or you're a growing company.

Since you need to have this information on file, it makes sense then to generate employee pay stubs.
This doesn't have to be a complicated process. Learn how to create a pay stub for an employee in this comprehensive guide.

How to Create a Pay Stub for an Employee

The best way to generate a pay stub is by using a service that creates the appropriate legal documents. This will save you time and ensure that the document meets all the requirements of your state's laws. It will also ensure that your pay stubs are accurate every time. Manual pay stubs often lead to human errors, online pay stub generators offer peace of mind.

Be aware that there are generators out there that make it easy for employees to fake their pay stubs. These are not legal and could get you into trouble if your business is audited or if your employee presents the fake documents to a financial institution. But don't worry, there are some authentic websites that help you generate pay stubs online.

When looking for a service to create your pay stub, make sure it offers the following features:

- Legally binding in your state
- It details everything about the employee's earnings and deductions
- All calculations are automatic and correct
- It has security features making it hard for anyone to photoshop or duplicate
- It saves your information in an archive
- It's easy to use and offers multiple export options

What to Put on Your Employee Pay Stubs

Here is what you'll need to generate an employee pay stub:

- Employee name and address
- Social security number
- Employer name and address
- The dates of the pay period
- Hours worked during the pay period
- Hourly wage or salary
- Overtime hours and pay (if applicable)
- Deductions (federal, state, and local taxes, health insurance, 401k, etc.)
- Net pay (the amount the employee will receive after all deductions are taken out)

Who Needs a Pay Stub?

Every employee needs a pay stub, regardless of how long they have been with the company or their employment status.
Remember, the document serves as proof of income and shows how much was earned for tax purposes.

Generate pay stubs for all full-time employees, contractors, and part-time workers and issue them at the end of each pay period.

Simplify Your Payroll Information Today

Now you know how to create a pay stub for an employee the easy way. When you use our pay stub generator, you can be sure that your documents are legally binding and compliant with state laws.

Creating a pay stub is easy, fast, and secure as there are plenty of design options so your pay stubs can be branded with your company's logo and colors. Choose your pay stub template here and get started today!

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