How to Moisturize Dry Natural Hair

How to Moisturize Dry Natural Hair

Nobody likes dry natural hair. It is such a bother: painful to comb, frustrating to style, little to no shine, and most importantly, it is unhealthy.
If you are battling dry hair and you’re reading this article, then you’re in luck. As you read, you will find out what you can do to overcome this issue.

Factors that Contribute to Dry Hair

Before you can start to fight the battle against dryness, you should know the things that contribute to it.
Here are some of them:

  • Harsh weather conditions e.g. warm and cold weather
  • Heat tools
  • Lack of adequate moisture
  • Harsh ingredients in hair products e.g. shampoos, conditioners. hair dyes, etc
  • Washing your hair too often
  • Frequent manipulation of hair, etc.

How to Moisturize Dry Hair

1. Moisturize Before Bedtime

Moisturizing your hair during the day is the right thing to do. However, many naturals easily forget or don’t even know that you should moisturize your hair at night. You may be wondering, “But how does not moisturizing my hair at night cause dryness?” Here is how:

During the day, your moisturized hair is exposed to the weather which can draw out some of its moisture. At night, when you lay your head on your pillow and toss and turn in your sleep, friction is created between your hair and the pillowcase. This leads to dryness in the morning, among other issues.

So, to avoid this, moisturize your hair at night. Here is how:

  • Spritz your hair lightly with water/leave-in mix from your spray bottle.
  • Apply a moderate amount of your favorite natural hair oil or cream to lock in the moisture.
  • Wrap/cover your hair in a satin/silk bonnet/silk to help retain the moisture.

2. Avoid Using Heat Tools

Electric curling irons, hair straighteners, blow dryers, and flat irons among others are heat tools that you should use seldomly or not at all if you can help it. This is because the heat coming out from these tools strips your hair of most of its moisture content, leaving it dry. So, if you use these tools often, you’re likely to have dry hair more often than not. In place of heat tools, you can use these heatless safe methods to get your hair curled or stretched out:

  • African threading
  • Braid/twist outs
  • Straws
  • Flexi rods
  • Perm rods
  • Curl formers
  • Finger coiling

However, if you cannot help but use heat tools, then apply a heat protectant to your hair before you use them. As the name implies, a heat protectant will help protect your hair from the heat of those tools, thus preventing dryness. Still, you should not use heat tools often.

3. Keep Your Hands Out of Your Hair

We are all guilty of this – you just got a new hairstyle done and you just have to feel it every time you remember, like 10 times in 1 hour.
Unfortunately, every time your fingers touch your hair, they tend to take some of its moisture away, leaving your hairdryer. So, do you see how touching your hair too often is a bad idea? How do you stop this? Keep your hands out of your hair.

4. Do the Maximum Hydration Method

Many naturals who have won the battle against dry hair swear that this is the ultimate method to moisturize excessively dry natural hair. To do the maximum hydration method, you will need some items, plenty of time, and lots of patience.
Here are the things you need to do the maximum hydration method:

  • Apple cider vinegar or baking soda
  • Sulfate-free conditioner
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Coconut oil
  • Bentonite clay
  • Honey
  • Natural hair gel
  • Shower cap

How to do the maximum hydration method for your natural dry hair:

  • Start on freshly-washed hair and section it into four parts
  • Mix the apple cider vinegar or baking soda with the coconut oil and spritz it over the sections of your hair thoroughly.
  • Cover up with a shower cap for up to 10-30 minutes.
  • Rinse out.
  • Wash your hair with your sulfate-free conditioner and detangle your hair.
  • Cover up with a shower cap and let the conditioner sit in for about 20 minutes before you rinse.
  • For the clay rinse, mix 1 cup of Bentonite clay with 2-3 cups of water, honey, and coconut oil.
  • Apply the mixture to your hair in sections.
  • Cover up with a shower cap and let it sit for 10-20 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • With your hair still soaking wet, split it into sections and apply the leave-in conditioner.
  • Then coat each section of hair with the natural hair gel.
  • You can also apply coconut oil to your natural curls for a final finish.

For excessively dry hair, you can do this once every three days.

Bottom Line

You do not have to continue your struggle with dry hair. Simply put these methods to work and watch your hair go from dry to hydrated.

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