Popular TV Channels Worldwide

Popular TV Channels Worldwide

After a long tiring day at school or the office, you come back home, freshen up, get into bed and then you switch on your ‘so-called’ idiot box to enjoy your favorite channel(For me, it’s DD free Channel). How refreshing it sounds. Well, TV has become an indispensable feature of contemporary life. Television provides us with entertainment, news, education, culture, weather, sports, and, since the introduction of music videos, even music. Television is useful not only for providing escapism through pleasure but also for conveying critical information. Today, television, along with the Internet, is the primary medium for disseminating education and information to help us better understand our globally integrated, entirely interconnected circumstances and how we might adapt to them to resolve issues and ensure our collective existence. 

It has also the power to promote businesses around the globe. If you sell on Amazon FBA, you can advertise your products on television to reach more customers. Through several channels, such as the Documentaries, TV series, Political debates, Educational shows for children, Breaking major news events, General election coverage, late-night chat shows, Major sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, European Championships, Olympic Games, etc. the global population is kept informed and entertained.

With the realization of the importance of the television and the programs that are broadcasted through it, we have listed out some of the popular and most-watched channels of different sections that have gained international popularity for their decades of servicing and entertaining people and appealing content.

BBC News

One of the most widely watched television channels in the world, ranking first. is the BBC News. The British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC News, is a television channel whose primary mission is to deliver objective public services in the United Kingdom. The news that is disseminated is widely regarded as the most reliable, resulting in widespread acceptance. Aside from that, the channel features segments and small news sections dedicated to various forms of news, genres, and countries.

Channel V

This platform offers all music fans the ability to experience mainstream music shows and news. Here you may hear all forms of popular music, as well as fresh updates periodically. Channel V International has been said to have returned to its original studio in Hong Kong, which is also the same facility as Channel V Taiwan and China, since 2008. STAR TV and Fox International Channels have partnered to create Channel V, which is the brand name for several global music television networks.


This is a fantastic channel for teens and kids to watch for fun. There are original series for kids such as Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack, and Cody, and then there are cartoons for smaller children. Disney Service is available in roughly 98,142,000 television American households (85.94 percent of cable, satellite, and Telco users) as of August 2013.

From 1983 until 1997, Disney Channel was known as The Disney Channel, then from 1997 to 2002, it was generally termed as Disney. The TV Channel is a basic cable and satellite television network in the United States that operates as the flagship property of the Disney Channels TV Group which is a division of the Disney Media Networks division of the Walt Disney Company.

Betty Cohen founded CN, an American basic cable and satellite television channel, which debuted in 1992. The CN (Cartoon Network) channel is designed specifically for children and is appropriate for children under the age of five. For several decades, the Turner Broadcasting System part of Time Warner has owned this American basic cable and satellite television channel. It mostly airs on animated television, ranging from adventure to animated comedy, with some live-action content thrown in for good measure. You can catch a glimpse of popular cartoon shows such as Tom and Jerry, which have received a lot of excellent feedback.

National Geographic Channel

National Geographic, also known as Nat Geo, is a subscription television channel based in India that established its first worldwide channel on September 14, 1995, after years of popularity in the United States, and is now licensed in 171 countries with over 220 million members worldwide. Documentaries, natural history shows, and reality shows like "Pit Boss" and "The Most Extreme" are among the network's science-based programming. 

The National Geographic Channel, broadcasts non-fiction, factual programmes produced by the National Geographic Society, such as science, nature, culture, and history. The National Geographic Channel (NGC) is one of the most popular television channels in the world, getting you connected to nature. Through some of the programs broadcasted on this channel, you may observe how animals, birds, and other creatures lived their lives in various regions of the world. This is an adventure-based channel aimed at the entire generation, to educate people about their mother nature.


Discovery Channel, which is also recognized as a top TV channel, is committed to introducing spectators to the worlds of science, nature, anthropology, and geography. Being a cable and satellite television station in the US, it began producing programs about popular science, history, and technology and then moved on to reality television and pseudo-scientific entertainment. Shark Week is one of the popular Discovery Channel shows. The number of paying viewers of this station in the United States was expected to be around 94,456,000 for the year.


In November of 2003, the History TV channel was launched. Boy's Toys, Crusades, Secret Agents, and Breaking Vegas were among the shows it aired. The channel's name was changed to History TV 18 in 2011. This is a well-known Indian television channel that is popular for programming about historical events. A&E Networks owns and operates this digital cable and satellite television network. Pawn Stars, Ax Men, and more recent shows on this TV channel. This TV station has risen to the top of the world's TV networks because of its high quality and emphasis on historical accounts.


ESPN, founded in the United States, in a joint effort with Disney is a worldwide cable and satellite sports channel that is also regarded as one of the best in the world. This channel was discovered in 1979. ESPN was predicted to be available in 91,405,000 paying television homes in the United States until 2016. This is the best sports channel for all sports fans from nations like Brazil, Australia, and Latin America. ESPN is a sports channel based in Bristol, Connecticut, that transmits primarily from studios there. 

New York City, Charlotte, Miami, Seattle, and Los Angeles are all served by the corresponding network. John Skipper currently serves as the channel's president, a role he has held since 2012. ESPN delivers the most comprehensive and diverse stream of sports programming available anywhere in the globe, including hockey, baseball, and other sports.

Star Sports

Star Sports has a network of 10 channels, four of which are in standard definition and the other six in high definition. Hotstar is a digital platform owned by Star India that is available in India. The channel's website uses a freemium service model, which means that it offers both premium and free material. Apart from what Star Sports broadcasts, it also works to webcast the Indian Premier League (IPL) and certain national and international competitions held in India.

BBC Food

The BBC's commercial arm for food and drink programs is BBC Food. Fanny Cradock Cooks Great Dishes (2002) and Nigella Bites (2005), for example, were founded as a joint venture with ITV in 1997 to broadcast shows expressly directed at people with an interest in cuisine or catering (2005). BBC Food is a culinary channel for foodies who just wish to learn how to cook without having to spend on expensive cooking classes. The BBC broadcasts this show on their Lifestyle Channel, which was previously known as "BBC's Global Commercial Television Channel," but has since been renamed in markets that displeased many as they believe that such a recognizable program should have stayed true to its roots identity while still catering to all those looking to get creative with the content they prepare for their stomach.


MTV is a well-known music television network that will never be forgotten since it broadcasts the world's top charts and is suited for music fans all over the world. The MTV Networks Music & Logo Group owns and operates this basic cable and satellite television channel in the United States. MTV is watched by about 97,654,000 American households (i.e. 85.51 percent of households with television) as of 2013. MTV is available in practically every American home and broadcasts all of the current music chart-toppers.

MTV Unplugged is a classical music show that features live performances by a variety of well-known musicians and bands. It's hosted by up-and-coming musicians who use their electric guitars or pianos to perform acoustic versions of hit tunes. MTV Cribs is a reality show that takes viewers on a tour of celebrities' and musicians' homes. The series also features some high-end automobiles, clothing, and artwork.


AXN is a movie and television station that is well-known. It has been in business since 1997 and has established itself as one of Asia Pacific's leading channels, providing access to over 138 countries worldwide. AXN has a variety of attractions, including blockbuster films played on weekends and entertainment series aired throughout the week, including Reality Shows from all over the world.

These numerous TV channels have been providing services for decades providing a tinge of relaxation from the busy schedule of people taking them away from their scheduled life to a world of relaxation, through the deep explorations of the hidden mysteries around the corners of the globe. The different channels watched in different parts of the world play a major role in shaping the ideas and perspectives of people of that place. These are the mediums to spread the culture of one corner of the globe to another and tie the whole world into a thread of fraternity and brotherhood.
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