Are You Buying A Mattress for Your Kids? Consider These Things

Are You Buying A Mattress for Your Kids? Consider These Things

Often, parents are overprotective while considering the health and wellness of their children, whether it is concerning their nutrition, education, health, etc. Let us now add another one to the list, that is the mattress.

Of course, a mattress can also play a very important role in children’s health, and well-being. During early childhood, all children will need to adjust to different types of mattresses as they grow. During each stage, it is very crucial to offer them the perfect mattress.

The quality of sleep of the children will directly impact their physical, behavioral, and emotional aspects. Also, having a good night’s sleep can help in boosting up their memory too.

During the formative years, all children need the top-rated mattresses that should not only be extra soft but also should be allergy and dust-proof. No parent will like to see their infant child waking up with irritation due to skin allergies.

As children grow, they will need a bigger bed and may either sleep with their mother or alone, the mattress will be very important. During this stage, all children go through plenty of structural development, and hence they need the right kind of mattress to ensure proper bone health and also spinal alignment.

For your young child, a very hard mattress may not be too comfortable, but at the same time, the too-soft mattress may also hinder their spinal alignment. Therefore, you need to ensure that you choose a mattress that can evenly distribute their body weight, and heat, and also is free from allergens.

Usually, for young children, rubberized coir mattresses and memory foam mattresses will be the best choice. The following are a few things that you must consider while choosing the right mattresses for them.

• Choose the proper size

Your child will start using his or her mattress when they grow to the age of 2 to 3 years. Therefore, you need to choose the mattress size so that it should not be too big or small as per their height.

• Assess the materials

Often synthetic materials used for the mattresses can create allergies and hence prefer to choose only the organic material for the mattress for your children.

• Select the right type of support

For young children, people generally prefer to go for either an innerspring type of mattress or memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses will generally last longer as compared to innerspring types. Latex mattresses can offer excellent support but tend to be a bit expensive.

• Select the suitable level of comfort

All mattresses are available that are firm, extra firm, plush, and ultra-plush. Most ultra-plush mattresses have a pillow top too. For back and side sleepers a firm mattress will be suitable while any medium-firm mattress will be perfect for stomach sleepers.

• Durable design

Kids often love to jump on beds and hence ensure that the mattress can withstand a certain amount of abuse. Whatever type of mattress that you select, a mattress protector will always be a good idea, so that it can guard against stains.

• Consider the foundation

Any simple platform bed will be fine as such kind of foundation will avoid using any box spring.

• Consider about bedwetting

Most children during their early childhood may wet their bed, and hence while buying mattresses for them you must make sure that you also buy a suitable mattress protector that should be washable too. Your child may continue to use the same mattress when eventually they come out of that phase.

• Check all the features

Often people ignore the various features available with your mattress, particularly when buying mattresses for children. Ask for all the features also so that you know how best you can use the mattress and get a good value for your money spent. Make sure that the mattress will offer sufficient flexibility for your growing child.

• Price is also an important consideration

Don’t try to cut corners while selecting mattresses for your children, but at the same time make sure that you are not overpaying.


No parents would like to compromise the comfort of their children and also in the market, you can get many varieties of mattresses meant for them. Involve your children too while selecting their mattresses.
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