Rodrigo Palacio's best season for "Inter"

Rodrigo Palacio's best season for "Inter"

Rodrigo Palacio is a famous Argentine forward who has spent his career in his native country and in Italy. He has a lot of brilliant matches on his account. However, he was not so lucky with trophies, especially in Europe. 
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Palacio originally played for "Genoa" in Italy. However, in 2012, the Argentine received an invitation from "Inter". Unfortunately, at that time the team had some of the worst times in its recent history. 
In Palacio's first campaign, the club finished only 9th in Serie A. By the way, bookmaker 1xBet Uganda still accepts sports betting on the matches of the tournament at the best odds in the country.

As for Palacio, the best season personally for him at "Inter" was the 2013/2014 season. In that campaign, the Argentine scored 17 goals in the Italian championship. He also scored two more goals in the national Cup. However, it was still not enough. "Inter" finished only on 5th position in the championship and failed to break into the Champions League.
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Then, in Serie A, he distinguished himself only 12 times. Therefore, in the 2013/2014 campaign, there was noticeable progress. Unfortunately, in the future the Argentine's results will decrease significantly.
Over the next 3 years he will score a total of only 17 goals for "Inter". It is not surprising that in the summer of 2017 he will leave as a free agent for "Bologna". 
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What helped Palacio have his best season at "Inter"?

Back then, the "NerraZurri" were going through bad times. Palacio was one of the bright spots in the team. Almost the entire attacking game was built around him. Therefore, he got a lot of chances to hit. By the way, now it is easy to follow Inter at a reliable bookmaker's office. Also, 1xBet top slot Uganda offers all its customers.

As for Palacio's achievement, it was made possible by:

● the forward's excellent technique, which allowed him to bypass any opponent;
● the ability to correctly position himself on the field, make a breakthrough at the right time;
● accurate and subtle strike.

Unfortunately, the player lacked stability, and he moved to "Inter" at a rather late age. Otherwise, he could have been the star of the team.

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