Thomas Ayim Biography, Age, Early Life, Career And Net Worth

Thomas Ayim

Thomas Ayim is a Nigerian Digital Journalist. We would be seeing Thomas Ayim’s biography, date of birth, age, early life, family, education, career, net worth, social media handles, and more.

Thomas Ayim Biography

Full name: Thomas Abang Ayim
Other name: Joel, Enigma, Sankara
DOB: 10th May
Father's name: Edward Sunday Ayim.
Father's occupation: Police Officer (Rtd).
Mother's name: Philomena Boyim Ayim.
Education: Escae University of Science and Technology,
Occupation: Detective, Journalist
Hobbies: Swimming, Singing, Surfing Internet, Watching Documentaries, Social Networking

Academic Records


Methodist Primary School


United Christian Secondary School
Sea Gate College


National Open University (Dropped Out)
Course of study: Criminology and Security Studies


Escae University of Science and Technology
Course of study: Mass Communication
Thomas Ayim

Thomas Ayim Biography, Date of Birth, Early Life, Family, Education, Career

Born on the 10th May, Thomas Ayim also known as Thomas Sankara is a Nigerian detective, and investigative journalist with a focus on community development. Informally known by his other name "Sankara." 

He is a native of Boki, Cross River State, a South Southern part of West Africa, Nigeria.He was born, raised, and had his early elementary education in Lagos, at the Nigerian Police Barracks under his father EdwardSundayAyim a retired Nigerian Police officer. He had his early elementary education at the Methodist Primary School, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria, after which he proceeded to the United Christian Secondary School, Apapa, Lagos Nigeria. 

After his secondary education, he proceeded to the Nigerian National Open University to study Criminology and security studies but didn’t complete his program, further continued his interest in Journalism and Later on went on to obtain his bachelor’s degree at Escae University where he studied Mass Communication.
Thomas Ayim


Thomas Ayim is a civil libertarian and one among many known for his passion and pragmatic approach to community development and government transparency. He is a devoted liberal and naturalist
willing to respect and accept people’s behaviours, and opinions in contrast to his views.He has been described as a left-wing politician because of his media career. 

With many years’ experiences working in the Community police as a detective, he founded a media organization called Apapa Parrot Group to promote community safety, public awareness, and government transparency amongst other things to develop the youth’s capacity for nation-building.
Thomas Ayim

His platform has been praised by many and melted by critics on the other hand. His platform has been accused of partisan politics but has done more to distinguish his journalism.On an interview he was heard on-air saying “we are not a brown-envelop journalist, our mission is stated clearly – to transform society.”

Personal Life

Ayim’s signet is his clean haircuts andface cap. He has enormous affection for media and community development. He is described by many as a conservative liberal but very much is known of him of promoting liberalism and naturalism. He is slow to taking decision which has made his criticsdescribed him ofbeen full of procrastinations. He is diligent in handling human character but can beirritable and ill-tempered when push to the extreme. While he is described as one with great taste of high living, but can be discerning of things that moves his desires.


Thomas Ayim is of the school of Ayimism which is a relative study to Liberalism and Naturalism. Which state that life in its purestform cannot be over emphasize without the elements of love which is the centre figure of human co-existence, stressing the moral ideals of individual’s liberty and equality before the law. Ayimism regard the school of Materialism which is divergence to Ibenuism, which state that materialism is belligerent to ideas. 

Ibenu’s theory recognizes mysticisms, ideas, feelings, beauty, and affections as a central conation of his core ideas. While Ayimism on one breadth believe in the scientific method of affirming that all beings and event in the universe are natural and created in time and season, Ibenuism believes that the soul of man is fully formed prior to man’s existence. Consequently, one can construe the central idea behind Ayimism as the pursuit of love and happiness.
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