Wellness Goals for 2022-2023, Transforming Complete Mind, Body, And Soul Health!

Wellness Goals for 2022-2023, Transforming Complete Mind, Body, And Soul Health!

Entering the second half of 2022 and many of you are still struggling with the right fitness goals to achieve holistic wellness. With the pandemic hitting hard and almost bringing the world to a standstill, it has become a challenge to stay fit and healthy. The major reason is the increase in sedentary lifestyle due to work from home, travel restrictions, and fear of going back to normal life.

Did you know that the busiest period of gym classes grew in 2021 over 300% post-pandemic! Fitness goals, healthy food choices, exercising tools and spiritual enlightenment gained precedence over everything. With the adaptation to the new normal, new fitness and wellness goals are also evolving. Here are health, wellness, and fitness trends for 2022 - 2023 that will assist you in accomplishing mind-body wellbeing.

Wellness = Lifestyle change

Wellness that works for all – Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Alpha
When you think of wellness it is not restricted to healthy eating or exercise, it is a complete lifestyle alteration.
• Your day starts with a simple healthy drink that is warm water with a drizzle of honey and lemon zest.
• You regulate the timings of eating and allocate time for exercise throughout the day irrespective of the changes in your work schedule.
• You keep a check on the portion size and the glucose levels of the body.
• You know that long sitting hours can ruin your back and knee conditions and taking a regular walk and standing breaks is a fantastic way of staying active.
• You work on your screen time by looking away from your laptop/tab every 30 minutes or cutting the mobile watching before going to bed.
• You keep a watch on your healthy body weight every week and the intake of sugars with adequate sleep hours.

All these tiny steps are very effective in leading you to what is termed, “holistic wellness.” It takes weeks and months of religious dedication that resonates into great health and a peaceful mind. When you alter your diet and exercise routines it gradually reflects on your strength, stamina, agility, and quality of skin & hair.
• But how can you do this?
• How can you bring positive life changes?
• And what are the right tools and technological advancements you need to upgrade?

Smart Fitness at your Fingertips

With the advancement of technology, fitness applications and tools are becoming the trend for monitoring and planning the regime. Smart wrist watches that keep a check on your daily steps (walking or jogging) with heart rate and even sleeping pattern. Several applications can convert your mobile into a personalized tool to assist your exercise routine and monitor fitness.

Make most of the AI tool beyond monitoring and bring it home with digital workouts. The innovative home gym apps are perfect for anyone who feels uncomfortable traveling to fitness centers and using the shared equipment. Just enroll in any favorite digital fitness group and connect to the global fitness platform to enjoy affordable, in-house wellness solutions. Explore the latest fun workout session with Welltech fitness apps that will bring mega change in your life.

Physical, Mental, and Digital Detoxification:

You must cleanse the entire system (body and mind) before welcoming the new lifestyle. Getting rid of the unwanted and negative from the body and mind is crucial. Make healthy food choices like cutting down sugars, increasing protein, staying hydrated, and eating fresh every time. Switching to intermittent fasting, going fruitarian for a week, and trying a liquid diet for alternate days are trending.

Mental detoxification is very important for mental wellbeing, especially after months of living in fear and restrictions. Investing time in mediation, finding peace with nature, and trying to achieve a work-life balance is essential. You can also, target digital detoxification by cutting the screen hours and saving your eyes from harmful blue light.

Go Global – Eat Local

When the pandemic hit the fear of procuring fresh vegetables and meat grew. The best solution many recommend is eating locally grown produce. Hit the nearest farms to get them organically grown veggies or speak to the local butcher to bring you the best meat that is clean and freshly cut. Shunning the processed food and refraining to eat from tins and packets is a healthy choice.

You can always convert your terrace or balcony into a personalized veggie garden that grows fresh tomatoes, spinach, and herbs. This approach is one of the trending sustainable solutions to uplift the economy and bring environmental support.

Go Back to your Roots – Try Home Remedies:

With the slow vaccine administration and continuous new infection waves, many are switching to alternative therapies and medications. Dig to the community library or ring your grannies to get tips on basic home remedies. Gone are the days when you hit the pharmacy or clinic for a heat rash or nighttime belching. Your kitchen and backyard herbs can sort most of the seasonal health problems.

You can always get the organic produce from local markets or online to refrain from getting exposed to infection by visiting the hospital. Practice a healthy and clean routine to stay away from common illnesses.

Hormonal Balance – Key to Women’s Wellness:

Getting hold of the hormones can cure most female health problems. Stress, irregular periods, thyroid, overweight, underweight, hair loss, and skin issues are widespread women’s issues that are due to hormonal disbalance. Awareness about female genitals, sexual health, and gynecological treatments are not confined to clinical rooms.

More and more digital platforms are sprouting that can help you in monitoring basics like menstrual cycles to keeping a track of the next cervical pap smear test. You find sustainable alternates from menstrual cups to disposable pads and tampons. Combating menopause issues like mood swings, weight gain and hirsutism with mindful solutions is key to women’s wellness.
Walking & cycling to work are new cardio:

When you resume back to new normal it starts with going back to work. Commuting to work on a cycle or walk is the biggest positive change that you can bring to add a cardio regime to your workout session. You can reduce the communal spread of further infections, make a healthy travel routine, add to your savings (fuel is expensive), and contribute to global climate change.

Walking 10K steps every day or 30 minutes of cycling can complete your 50% of wellness and fitness goals.

The Wrap

All the wellness and fitness goals direct toward immunity health. Reconstructing, sustaining, and progressing health objectives that target from inside out. This means prevention of illness and eliminating the cure or treatment approach.
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