Automobiles: Expert Tip On How To Choose A Used Car for Purchase

Expert Tip On How To Choose A Used Car for Purchase

Buying used cars in fort myers is an occasion that should be approached very responsibly. We will tell you how to choose a used car, how to avoid risks and unnecessary expenses.

Where to start?

An old car is a rational choice for a limited budget. It is also desirable for beginners in driving that the first car is not new and not very demanding in maintenance.

The first step before buying a vehicle is to determine your budget. Having a certain amount of your disposal, you can make your choice of a certain brand and model of car. In this matter, it is important to take into account not only the external characteristics and your advantages, but also the reviews of the owners of such cars. You don't need to focus on TOP popular cars. First of all, the car should satisfy your needs. The next step is a targeted search for the right vehicle based on key characteristics.

What are the criteria for choosing a used car?

Year of manufacture and mileage.

It is necessary to evaluate these criteria in a complex, because cars that have been in operation longer may have less mileage and better condition than an almost new car that was used in the taxi service. The best option is a car with a mileage of up to 60,000 km. An important detail: an unscrupulous seller can twist the mileage, so you need to check the data stated in the questionnaire with the actual condition of the car. If the description of the car indicates a low mileage, but at the same time, the condition of the interior, the worn steering wheel clearly shows that the car was used mercilessly, most likely, the seller is trying to mislead the buyer. You can find verified car sellers here - https://www.cars45.com/.


Technical characteristics are the basis of choice. Power, configuration, type of drive and other parameters are evaluated by the buyer first of all, because the car's practicality, safety, driving comfort and driving pleasure depend on them.

Technical condition of a used car.

It is necessary to find out whether the car was repaired, if so, what kind of repair was carried out - body, engine. Firstly, it will provide more information for decision-making, and secondly, it will help to better diagnose the car during a personal technical inspection.

Owners and terms of use.

The number of previous owners matters, and if the car is almost new for sale, it is already second hand, so you have to wonder why the new owner decided to quickly get rid of the recently purchased vehicle. Either there is something wrong with the car, or you are dealing with a reseller.

The level of availability of car maintenance.

In the question about how to choose a used car, a lot of attention is paid to technical characteristics, condition, appearance. Accessible service is also on the list of key criteria. You can collect the necessary amount to buy a very rare and expensive car, but this will not be enough to ensure that it will serve properly for many years. When buying a used car, you should be sure that you will be able to provide it with the necessary maintenance. As well as the presence of official service centres, the availability of spare parts for cars in Nigeria, the financial opportunity to take good care of the car.

How to evaluate a car during inspection?

When you have decided on the choice and if the selected car is located within Nigeria, you can arrange with the owner (seller) to meet and inspect the car.

The inspection must be carried out very carefully, paying attention to every detail:
• Technical passport. The body number (located under the hood), in the interior of the car, and the engine number must match the numbers specified in the technical licence.
• Body coating. It is not always possible to determine by eye that the car has been repainted in some places. It is especially difficult for a beginner to do this, because it is necessary to subtly distinguish shades, to be able to recognize non-original gloss and transitions at the borders of painting. But there is a way to be safe — you need to find out the optimal thickness of the paint coating for this brand of car and conduct an inspection using a thickness gauge.
• Under the hood. What should not be - perfect cleanliness of the motor, areas with bare metal, seals, rust.
• Wheels. It is necessary to make sure that there is no backlash in the wheels. To do this, you can use a lift or, if this is not possible, simply lift the car with a jack.
• Discs. Ideally, whole, without cracks, dents.
• Tires. The norm is a uniform degree of wear. If the rubber is worn unevenly, there is a violation of the geometry of the body or a problem with the suspension.

● Salon. Each car has its own "problem" places. It can be low-quality plastic or unstable leather on the steering wheel and seats. This should be taken into account at the stage of choosing a machine. What to look at in the salon? These are scratches on the dashboard and other plastic surfaces, the degree of wear of the door trim, seats, and the degree of wear of the door handles and steering wheel. A very shabby interior is a reason to bargain, as well as an excellent indicator of how intensively the vehicle has been operated.
• Shock absorbers. They are checked simply - by a strong vertical push of the wing. Normally, after applying force, the body should shake 3 times - up, down and up again.
• Brake system, including hoses and cylinders. The brake system is checked for wear (visually and by the thickness of friction linings, disks), as well as for the presence of leakage.
• Oil. Make sure there are no oil leaks in the engine. Check the freshness of the lubricant - there should be no bubbles or wear particles in it.
• Sound. There should be no knocking, uneven growling when the engine is running. Such sounds indicate a malfunction of the engine.
• Exhaust gases. When idling, the spent gas is almost colourless, when you press the gas pedal, it has a pale grey colour. It is unacceptable if the gas is thick, has a white, black or blue colour.
• When moving. We check the brake, the operation of the gearbox, and operation.

Now you know how to make the right choice when buying a used car. Good luck!
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