How To Get A Taxi In Mauritius?

How To Get A Taxi In Mauritius?

Getting a taxi in Mauritius is an important question because this small piece of heaven does not rely on subways or speed train. The small Island of Mauritius expands over a land area of 2,030 km² and can be traversed from one corner to another in less than four hours.

The people of Mauritius largely depend on cars to navigate across the Island. Their love for investing in cars is why the small Island had over 0.2 million registered cars in 2017, when the population was about 1.2 million. Add millions of motorbikes to the count since many prefer the two-wheeler to slip out of traffic easily.

Mauritius hosted about a million tourists in 2009; the numbers increased yearly. With no trains or trams, tourists have limited options to travel across Mauritius. The question "How to get a taxi in Mauritius" is specifically for the tourists visiting the land of beaches and lagoons.

Taxis are readily available in Mauritius. The country registered around 7000 taxi units and 4600 double cab units in 2017. That is an abundant amount considering the diminutive nature of the Island.

Local taxis in Mauritius do not come with a fare meter. Negotiating the price is the only way drivers take unfair advantage of tourists to get them scammed.

Such unlicensed taxis are cruising on every street in abundance, marginally unsafe to travel long distances. It would be best if you acted street smart and had an idea of the reasonable rate of taxis in the country to avoid paying extra money every time you travel. Some help from local Mauritians, along with good utilization of Google maps, can do the job.

Hiring a self-drive car is another good alternative if you want to explore the Island in detail on the Mauritius highways. The local renting companies accept international driving licenses for 18+ drivers.

Let's discuss the ways of getting a taxi in Mauritius.

How to Get a Taxi in Mauritius?

Finding a taxi in Mauritius is as easy as finding the sky. A network of local taxi drivers squirms through every street on the Island. The challenge is not to find a taxi but to find one which offers reasonable rates.

Most taxis exhibit their route on side car doors in a yellow square box. Taxis are available outside shopping malls, hospitals, marts, hotels, bus stations, airports, etc. However, it's suggested to avoid using hotel taxis because they are often quite overpriced.

There are four basic ways to get a taxi in Mauritius. Go to a taxi stand, call a taxi company, book a taxi online or hail a taxi on the streets. Any of these methods will work to get you a taxi in under 15 minutes on a good day.

4 Ways to Get a Taxi in Mauritius

Here are the 4 ways to get a taxi in Mauritius:
Taxi Stand

Mauritius's metropolitan areas, especially Port Louis, Curepipe, Grand Baie, and Centre de Flacq, have plenty of taxi stands. Each taxi stand has several taxis lined up in a queue, ready to go. The competitive spot increases your chances of negotiating a reasonable fare. Search for a taxi stand on Google Maps, and you will find one within a kilometer radius. Getting a taxi from a stand-in, Mauritius is a great option if you don't have much luggage, making it a pleasant walk in the mountainous landscape.
Call a Taxi Company

Calling a taxi company is another good option for booking a taxi in Mauritius. Several private taxi companies are operating in various parts of the Island. Most of them are situated in bustling tourism areas with hotels nearby, making it convenient to get a taxi for tourists. The website https://moridemauritius.com is a reputable taxi service operating throughout Mauritius with affordable rates, professional drivers, and first-class service.

Online Taxi Service

Unfortunately, the multinational mobility service provider Uber is not yet available in Mauritius. The option of booking a taxi using an online app is a foolproof way that will do not discrimination of fares between a local and a foreigner.
Hailing a Taxi on the Street

The old school way is to stand and wait in the street and hail a taxi with a stretched arm or a whistle; the choice is yours. Hailing a taxi on the streets should not take long for nearby tourist attractions of Mauritius. However, this unsupervised way of getting a taxi is risky, and there is a chance that drivers scam and exploit tourists.

Taxi Fare in Mauritius

Since there is no fare meter in taxis in Mauritius, the taxi fare is subjective to drivers. Negotiation skills and ethnic background are a factor to weigh in as well.

However, to give you a rough idea of taxi fares in Mauritius, a 15-kilometer journey of 25 minutes would generally cost around 600 Mauritian rupees. But a good negotiation can bring down the fare to Rs. 500 or Rs 400 even.

Airport Taxi in Mauritius

24/7 Taxi service is offered at the Sir SeewoosagurRamgoolam International Airport of Mauritius. The airport's domestic and overseas passenger exit doors serve as the primary stop point for passengers who wish to take taxi services.

So if you are planning to visit Mauritius, add "traveling in the taxi" to your list of things to do in Mauritius.

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