How to Transfer Money from Ghana to Nigeria With A Mobile Money Transfer App

How to Transfer Money from Ghana to Nigeria with a Mobile Money Transfer App

Sending money from Ghana to Nigeria is a breeze these days thanks to money transfer apps. They have made it easier for ex-pats, immigrants, and even investors to send and receive money within the African continent. If you’re planning to transfer money from Ghana to Nigeria, then we have a tutorial here for you to use. Then, you can select the best mobile money transfer app that you can use to complete the transaction.

When sending money from Ghana to Nigeria, you can choose from different currencies and methods. You can opt for a cash pickup from the recipient’s end, or send it directly to their mobile money transfer app account. You can even deposit the funds in their bank account if this is the method that they find most convenient. All of these methods are quick and easy to use. Typically, the money transfer will take just a few minutes. But in other cases, it may delay up to 24 hours or 48 hours. In case it delays for so long, then it would be best to contact the customer service team.

So, how does it work? How can you use a mobile money transfer app to send money from Ghana to Nigeria?

Step One: Create an Account with the Mobile Money Transfer App

The very first step that you need to start with is creating an account with the relevant mobile money transfer app. Of course, you will need to consider several important factors when choosing the app, including security, fees, processing times, and the funding methods.

Different apps have their distinct methods of creating an account. Some will just require your email address and physical address, while others might go a little further as to ask for your personal identification documents. All of this is just meant to protect you from the preying eyes of cybercriminals and keep the mobile money transfer app free of such individuals.

When creating an account, you need to choose a very strong password that will sway cybercriminals and hackers from guessing the digits. Also, note that you’re not to share this password with anyone – even the money transfer app itself.

Step Two: Start a Transfer

How to Transfer Money from Ghana to Nigeria With A Mobile Money Transfer App

The next step on the list is to initiate the transfer you want to make. Often, you’ll have to start by selecting the funding source. Do you want to use your debit or credit card? Or you’re opting to use a bank transfer? The choice is yours.

Make sure that you check the current fees and exchange rate before you go any further. This will help you know if you’re comfortable with the rates that they’re offering at that time.

In addition, this is the point at which you enter the recipient’s address and the way they will receive the funds. You need to be extra cautious here as many make blunders at this stage. Double-check the recipient’s credentials to ensure that they match with what you have in your address book. If possible, only use the addresses that you have saved in your address book. Then you can also confirm the method that the recipient will get hold of the funds. Is it at the pickup point, in their account, or through the bank?

Step Three: Send the Money

After you have confirmed that everything checks out perfectly, it is now time to release funds to the recipient. You can even carry out the last check to ensure that everything is as intended, then hit the send button.

After you have sent the funds, you need to check the app for the confirmation message and keep tabs on the updates they give on the progress of the transaction. In most cases, the transaction will complete in just a few minutes. But you still need to have some room for delays.

In case the transaction takes too much time to get to the recipient, then you can consider contacting the customer service team.

Why Choose A Mobile Money Transfer App?

How to Transfer Money from Ghana to Nigeria With A Mobile Money Transfer App

Now that you have the idea of how you can send money from Ghana to Nigeria using a mobile money transfer app, it is important to know why this is even the best way to use it. So, why choose a mobile money transfer app?


A mobile money transfer app will take a lot lesser time than conventional methods such as banks. Often, most transactions complete within just minutes or hours.

Transacting using a registered and certified mobile money transfer app is safe. You don’t have to worry about being duped or conned by cybercriminals. Make a clean and safe money transfer.


Banks have often been an expensive option for sending money internationally. So, why not try a cheaper option which is a mobile money transfer app? They have better exchange rates and much lower fees.

Final Thoughts

So folks, that’s how you send money from Ghana to Nigeria using a mobile money transfer app. We hope that you’re now ready to make your international transfers.

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