The Top Three Temperature Apps for Android

The Top Three Temperature Apps for Android

There are several different temperature apps available for Android, but this article will focus on the top three. These apps are Smart Thermometer, iThermonitor, Sensors - Temp and Humidity, and Smarttemp. We'll discuss each one in more detail to help you decide which one to install on your phone. The best temperature apps for android are a combination of the three. But whether you're looking for a simple one or a sophisticated one, there's an app for that.

Smart Thermometer

The Smart Thermometer for Android app records temperature data from your body. It has a number of useful features, including an intuitive interface and the ability to compare temperature trends over time. The app is extremely lightweight, taking up only 2MB of memory, and can read indoor and outdoor temperatures offline. You can even add a widget to your smartphone to display the data. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer for Android app can also be used for fever logs and medication schedules.

The app uses a variety of advanced sensors to calculate the temperature of your surroundings. It will also collect location information, which makes it more accurate. The application is free to download, and requires a version of 4.4 or higher. Smart Thermometer for Android is currently not available for iOS devices, but you can download a free version from the Play Store. This app will tell you the temperature in your location in a matter of seconds.

Another benefit of this app is its ability to track medication and family history. The Kinsa thermometer can take oral, rectal, and underarm readings. It can also record the temperature and store it for easy reference. You can also set up multiple accounts with the app to keep track of your health. If you're prone to becoming ill, you can use the Kinsa app to set a reminder for your medications. And the app lets you record your symptoms without typing. It suggests possible symptoms based on your body's temperature.


There are several options when it comes to iThermonitor temperature apps. These apps can be helpful when you're trying to determine the temperature in a room. This app will combine information from different sources and display the result. You can view the result in both digital and analog form. You can also customize the interface by changing the theme or background. There are several features of iThermonitor temperature apps for android.

The first one is a fever diary. It uses the temperature sensors on the device to tell you the current temperature. By entering the exact temperature in the app, you will be able to treat the fever properly. The app supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius standards. You can also get daily temperature statistics. It's important to note that this app is currently available for Android only, but there are some alternatives.

The second one is a thermometer app. iThermonitor is a free app that monitors the temperature of a person's body every four seconds. It collects data every four seconds and displays it on a graph. This graph helps you make informed decisions about whether you should seek medical attention or not. The app also lets you connect multiple iThermonitor sensors to one smartphone. It collects temperature data from each one of them and combines them into a graphical weather presentation.
Sensors - Temp and Humidity' app

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the only Android device with sensors that can measure temperature and humidity. But if you want to monitor both in a quick manner, you have to download a free app for that purpose. This app will allow you to see the values of each sensor in real time. It also allows you to export the data to an Excel CSV file. You can also send it by e-mail or save it on cloud storage. But you have to be within range of the sensor to be able to do so.

An app to monitor the humidity and temperature of the air is a must-have in our world today. This app allows us to measure the humidity and temperature of the surrounding area and display it on our smartphone. Its free version is also available on Google Play. To download the app, simply scan the QR Code and open the application. Then, you can read the temperature and humidity of the location using the weather station that is nearby.

Besides displaying the current indoor and outdoor temperature, this app also displays the humidity level in a room. The app makes use of multiple sources of data, including the weather station of your city. It provides a clean, easy-to-read display for both outdoor and indoor temperatures. Another useful feature of the app is its integration with real-world devices. This makes it a convenient tool for a wide variety of purposes.


Smarttemp is a temperature app for Android that helps parents keep track of their child's temperature. Its user-friendly interface allows you to record temperature readings manually and automatically log the date, time and location of the reading. You can also view a graph that charts temperature changes over a set period of time. For further analysis, you can export the data as an Excel file or as a JPEG file. The latter is ideal for sharing the information with a doctor or for keeping track of your child's temperature history over time.

Smarttemp is a free app for Android that displays the current temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. It can measure the temperature of both indoor and outdoor environments. It offers an authentic thermometer-like appearance, complete with an analog readout and weather-related animations. You can also set the background of the app to show a weather forecast, which changes according to the current temperature. This app works with the help of an integrated sensor to calculate the temperature and display it in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Once installed, Smarttemp connects to your smart device via Bluetooth. You can use it to keep an eye on the temperature anywhere. You can pair it with any Android phone within 30 feet. If your phone doesn't have Bluetooth, make sure you turn the Bluetooth on before you install the app. The thermometer will automatically pair with your phone. The app is also free, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Yahoo Weather

While most weather apps focus on displaying accurate data and charts, the Yahoo Weather app is a different kind of application. This app combines the convenience of interactive maps with crowdsourced local photos to bring weather information to your fingertips. Whether you want to check the temperature in your city, a nearby beach, or an entire country, this application has everything you need to know. Even if you have a low-resolution screen, you can still get a good idea of what the weather is like in your location.

The Yahoo Weather app was created by an in-house team at Yahoo in 2011. It evolved from an internal Hackday project and received a major update in August 2013. The app is also an art gallery, showcasing the Flickr photo community's thousands of local weather pictures. Besides being a weather app, Yahoo Weather can serve as a great tool for calculating the temperature and preparing for outdoor activities. Here are some things to look for in an app like this:

- Stylish, clean, and competent design. Yahoo Weather offers a decent choice for weather apps for Android. It has a decent set of widgets in sizes ranging from one pixel to four squares, and it supports advertisements. The app offers seven weather widgets in different sizes (from 1x2), but these widgets are not customizable. It is also limited in the number of widgets you can display.

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