World's 5 Best Betting Sites

World's 5 Best Betting Sites

Sports betting is a worldwide phenomenon that has captured the attention of millions of people. If one tries to explain such success, the only rational reason would be the abundance of vivid emotions combined with adrenaline from risk, because real money is at stake. That’s a great recipe for a successful business: money added to emotions added to the passion for sports. This environment strongly stimulated the rise of the number of bookmaking companies across the globe. 

Nigeria was not forgotten or overlooked in this highly requested flow, with international bookies and local companies appearing on a regular basis. Among such a huge number of offers, it becomes quite difficult to choose a betting company for yourself. And that’s exactly why we are here—to provide you with an extensive list of the world's five best betting sites available in Nigeria. Let’s get started!

Our Criteria While Selecting Betting Sites

Before diving right into the top-five, let’s break down the criteria one should consider before making a final decision on where to bet. First and foremost, the legality, here we are going to suggest only sportsbooks which operate with a license from the Nigerian government. 

Secondly, the period of operations on the market and the average user feedback on the state of the company and the services provided. Last but not least, the coverage of sports, betting markets, and additional features, which can vary from bookie to bookie. With that in mind, let’s take a look at our selection.

#1: 1xBet

Founded back in 2007, 1xBet has firmly marched across the globe, adapting to each country of arrival. With a license to trade in Nigeria, this bookmaking company often sets the bar on quality for all sportsbooks around. The first thing that crosses your mind when thinking about 1xBet is the deep and honest care of the company for its users, and this claim is confirmed by many punters all over the globe. 

1xBet has the most innovative and advanced mobile application, original and up-to-date registration methods like signing up with social networks. The betting markets are much more than a standard set, each sport has its own unique markets, making it quite appealing to ardent sports fans. 

What also helps the company to stand out from the crowd is its adaptation to modern trends, like the ability to place bets and get assistance on Telegram. Overall, 1xBet is an unquestionable and decent option if you'd like to make betting your new hobby.

#2: Betway

This British bookmaker was established in 2006 as a local sportsbook and online casino. After 16 successful years of development, Betway can boast of its presence on each continent. The bookie covers a giant selection of sports, starting with the popular ones like soccer, hockey, and tennis, and ending with the growing popularity of eSports disciplines like League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. 

Just like 1xBet, Betway provides its users with mobile apps for both Android-based and iOS devices, which are reviewed mostly with positive feedback. In the event of facing any issue while betting, you're able to initiate a live chat with customer service staff, who are on duty day and night without days off. You're definitely going to taste British top-notch quality of service if you give Betway a shot.

#3: bet365

Probably the oldest bookmaker on the list, with its foundation in 2000, bet365 is another representative of the British bookmaking industry, operating around the globe. It's without a doubt absolutely legal to be a client of bet365 in Nigeria, as the company has met all the requirements of the government and received a license. 

This bookie offers a broad range of sporting events that will satisfy every Nigerian bettor. Although the design of the website and the mobile app is pretty tricky and not as straightforward and intuitive as with 1xBet and Betway, the overall rating and reviews are quite positive. 

Bet365, accompanied by the two previous selections, offers a special cash-out feature, which is a must-have for experienced and avid punters who prefer to take control over observing helplessly. You're able to partially take out money as the match progresses, which is a good addition to your tools. Bet365 is, by all means, a stable and proven option when it comes to selecting a wagering platform for yourself.

#4: 22bet

A relative newcomer in the betting world, 22bet was founded in Nigeria back in 2017, and has significantly improved over its five years of existence. The bookie, which operates legally and is trusted by thousands of Nigerians, has built a strong playerbase of responsible and loyal punters who enjoy 22bet's diverse range of sports disciplines and betting markets. 

Utilizing the mobile app or 22bet website, you’re able to place bets on matches that are being played right now, meaning that you are not restricted to pre-match bets only. In general, the bookie deserves its good ratings and reviews, only slightly inferior in popularity and quality to its competitors on this list.

#5: BetKing

And our last pick for this list will be an absolutely Nigerian bookmaker, who was established in early 2018. With local top management that understands Nigerian issues and struggles, the company achieved its goal of creating a fair and open platform for sports wagering and providing equal access to all social groups. 

BetKing covers almost every single sports discipline on earth, and the betting markets look quite great. The structure of the web platform and the mobile app is quite simple and attractive, so there are no preconditions to skipping BetKing as an option. If you share BetKing's idea of making the African countries better, you can support them by selecting the company as the main wagering platform, and indirectly help the company in its way of charity work and helping those in need. 

In each country where BetKing operates, the bookie opens new land-based shops and social centers that provide assistance to local folks. Follow BetKing's social media to get more information about this initiative.


It's always a hell of a challenge to select a trustworthy and open bookmaker who will make all your wagering dreams come true. The biggest takeaway from this article is the criteria that you should keep in mind when picking the platform for betting. Despite the fact that illegal bookies can offer the highest odds in the world, it's an insane idea to put your funds at such a risk. 

Our top-five bookmakers' selection consists exclusively of decent and proven by time and millions of reviews companies, who are definitely worthy of your time. If you're still unsure which one you should select, we suggest you open them one by one, read the promotions and T&C, and then give one platform a shot. Don't worry about your first pick—you can always change your mind and try other bookies out.
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