Find the Best Betting Sites in Kenya | An Expert’s Review

Interestingly, Nigeria gets the most attention every time online gambling is discussed. It’s simply because Nigeria is currently the biggest economy in Africa. The great content of Africa came up in the iGaming scene like Halley’s comet in the last decade.
Find the Best Betting Sites in Kenya
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We’ve always been fascinated with how online gambling works in different countries. But there are two countries that don't get the traction they deserve. That’s Kenya and South Africa. The fact that we have Tim Harrison from BetZillion among us today allows us to act on that.

Sports betting market of South Africa is truly large. It lets punters bet on many local sports and entertainment events and championships. The majority of local South African betting sites provide the most favorable odds and conditions to choose from for punters worldwide. Some of them even offer additional opportunities, for example the national lottery or casino games.

Let's get into the deeper analysis of the Kenyan betting scene.

Tim Harrison to Information Guide Africa: Is Online Betting Legal in Kenya?

You’d be glad to know that general gambling is legal in the country. It has been this way since the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act came to life in 1966. Sure, it doesn’t control the online gambling aspect in any way.

As of now, more than 99 licensed betting sites operate in the country, generating a massive $2 billion in revenue for the government! In 2019, the gambling laws underwent another modernisation round, making the jurisdiction even more appealing for online gambling.

However, you can’t forget the Betting Control and Licensing Board, the internal authority in Kenya to overall all gambling establishments. Both online and offline. A license costs 100,000,000 KSH for the operator. Also, you must pay a 20% tax on all your gambling winnings.

How to Start Betting in Kenya: Tim Harrison’s Take

As per our request, Tim has agreed to share everything you need to know about betting in Kenya. As a matter of fact, Tim assures us that all the tricks he’s sharing today apply to any country you can think of. The laws and the intricacies of the process may vary, but the main points will always be the same.

Without any further ado, let’s get into that right away!

The License Never Fails

Across the world, Tim always emphasizes licensed betting sites. The license is there to protect your interests as the punter. It also oversees the operations of the betting to make sure that it follows the existing laws.

The regulatory body in Kenya is the Betting Control and Licensing Board. Both online and offline operators are bound to obtain a license from this board if it wants to accept players from the Republic of Canada. That goes equally for offshore operators too!

If you’re unaware, “offshore” operators mean betting companies with headquarters in a different country, yet it accepts players from Kenya. It’s legal for these companies to do so, as long as it pays the licensing fee to the Betting Control board.

In general, you can find the licensing information in the footer section of any betting site.

The data usually contains:
• the license number,
• the licensing authority,
• and the expiry date.

Verifying all these numbers directly on the regulator’s website is good practice.

The Collection of Sports

Across most African countries, football (soccer) is the dominant sport. Children play football all the time, and adults watch football all the time. But that doesn’t mean you should only focus on one sport for the rest of your betting journey.

That’s where the sports library of an online betting site in Kenya comes into play. Tim wants you to have as vibrant of an experience as possible. So, he ensures you can also bet on cricket, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, boxing, MMA, winter sports, athletics, tennis, table tennis, golf, and many other mainstream sports.

The Collection of Sports Markets

An extensive sports collection is not enough for an online betting site. If you only think from a viewer’s perspective, it’s fine. But watching a sports event on television and betting on it are entirely different activities.

A “market” is the outcome you can bet on in sports betting. The markets usually show themselves to the punters when they click on a match. So, football is one sport, but there can be hundreds of markets in that category that you should be able to bet on.

Live Betting and Live Streaming

In the early days of online betting, you could only place money on pre-match bets. These bets are collected before a match starts, and all the odds are locked once it does. So, if you figure out that your prediction was wrong, there’s nothing you can do other than accept your fate and the monetary loss.

Now, however, you can place live bets. The main difference is that you can add markets to your bet slip after a match has started. The odds also change in real-time, so you have room to correct a wrong prediction. Another great benefit of live betting is that you can utilize many more markets than regular pre-match betting.

When live betting is concerned, the concern for live streaming automatically comes up. You can keep an eye on the match right on the betting site so that you can quickly update your bet slip when the time is right. Live streaming aims to give you a one-stop solution for all your betting needs.

Not all Kenyan online betting sites offer live streaming just yet. But if you look hard enough among the sites Tim Harrison has recommended, you should find plenty of options.

Bonuses & Promotions

Tim always puts the bonuses and promotions in the iGaming industry as the last point in his discussions. It’s simply because he believes your security and reliability of the bookmaker matter more than the bonuses. You may be promised the biggest bonus you’ve ever seen in Kenya, but what’s the point if you can’t withdraw it?

Most online betting sites have a dedicated page where all the bonuses are listed together. You should find a welcome bonus at the very least. You can also expect free bets, risk-free bets, cash backs, odds boosts, etc.

The terms and conditions for these bonuses matter more than the bonus amount. It’s simply because you must stick to the terms if you want to withdraw the bonus. One simple mishap, and you need to say bye to it forever.

Tips from Tim Harrison on How to Be a Successful Bettor

Tim was just about ready to leave the Information Guide Africa office on his way to the Betzillion office when we stopped him to squeeze a few more tips out of him. He was always quite generous in educating us. Here are the final recommendations for betting in Africa.
1. Compare odds at multiple betting sites for the same market.
2. Always opt for an online bookmaker where you already have a payment method available.
3. Don’t let bias or “insider” information manipulate your betting. Always trust your research and instincts.
4. Keep in mind that the local authority must license a Kenyan online betting site. Otherwise, it’s considered illegal.

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