Should Universities Use An Interactive Portal For Students?

Should Universities Use An Interactive Portal For Students?

A platform for students where all the information required to succeed in a particular school is regularly uploaded is the best resource for students. Universities can provide an interactive student portal for prospective and current students. Take the Interstride interactive portal for international students, for instance. Universities can customize this portal to meet the needs of their international students.

What is an interactive portal for students? Is there a distinction between the standard school portal and an interactive portal? This article will walk you through accurate answers to your questions and also examine some benefits of an interactive portal for students. Read on!

What is an Interactive Portal for Students?

A student portal that incorporates an online gateway to access and engage with the school website is known as an interactive student portal. The school's website contains some crucial details about all of the programs that are offered there. Student timetables, courses offered, housing details, attendance statistics, exam schedules, transcripts, and current grades are just a few of the details that may be found on a student portal. However, with an interactive portal for students, all applications, data, and content can be accessed from one location, and there are ways to interact such as calls, chat, and demos. A student service agent is on hand on this type of portal to attend to the needs of the students.

Regular Portal for Students vs. Interactive Portal for Students

There are some notable contrasts between the standard student portal and the interactive student portal, despite the similarities. The bullet points below offer an analysis of these in further detail.
• Content: The types of content available on both portals range greatly. In a typical portal, all of the content is learning materials related to the institution and available courses. For an interactive portal, however, in addition to everything found in a standard portal, there are ways that a student can engage with content. For example, a student might be able to reply to job postings, ask questions about visas and immigration, and contact student clubs like an international student organization.
User-friendly design with customization: While both sites are user-friendly and intuitively constructed, an interactive portal is more customizable by both a given school and a particular student. A school can customize a popular portal to make it unique to their institution. Students can personalize their interactive portal accounts based on their own interactions with the portal.
Integration: Interactive portals provide slick integrations that help with appointment scheduling, calls, chatbots, and various tasks. A typical school site does have some integration, but an interactive portal has more integrated apps.

Benefits of an Interactive Portal for Students

You gain the following advantages from using an interactive portal for students.
• In addition to your academic resources, you have access to resources on opportunities like job availability, immigration help, and many more.
• There is the opportunity to ask for advice on strategies for success and receive a reply.
• There are periodic updates to the information.


What an interactive portal for students is has been discussed in depth in this article. Additionally, the distinction between an interactive and regular portal has been explained. Accordingly, you can see that using an interactive portal is the ideal option because it gives students a lot of advantages over a regular portal.
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