Underrated Spots To Visit In Africa

Underrated Spots To Visit In Africa

Africa is the world’s second-largest continent spanning 11.7 million square miles. Covering 20% of the earth's land surface area, Africa is home to 18% of the world’s population. Due to the sheer size of the continent, each African country offers something different for tourists but what are some of the most underrated spots to visit in Africa?

Saly, Senegal

If you live in the northern hemisphere and want to experience some winter sunshine and beach holiday, Saly is a fantastic destination. Located just over an hour away from the bustling city of Dakar in Senegal, Saly is perfect for those who want to sit back and relax in a low-key environment. The sand is golden, the ocean warm enough for a swim, restaurants cooking delicious food and sporting activities for those wanting to get active, including golf. Some of the day trips available from Saly include Somone Lagoon, which is full of birdlife and Lake Retba, a pink lake.

Namib Desert, Namibia

The Sahara Desert gets most of the acclaim but for those who want to experience a different African desert, a trip to Namib Desert in Namibia is a must. The Namib Desert is home to a variety of unique flora and fauna, with some animals also capable of living in the extreme conditions. It is possible to enjoy a hike in the Namib Desert and there are plenty of tall sand dunes to climb, including Big Mama Dune and Dune 45. However, the best way to experience the Namib Desert in all its glory is by taking a hot air balloon ride over the desert.

Nyerere National Park, Tanzania

While tourists clamour to visit the famous Serengeti to spot wildlife, you can head to Nyerere National Park, one of the most underrated spots to visit in Africa. Located in Tanzania, Nyerere National Park is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in East Africa, boasting cheetah, lion, zebra, rhino, leopard, buffalo, hippo, and giraffe. If you are interested in hiring a vehicle and enjoying a personal safari you must look into how to get international driving license. If you want to leave the driving to someone else, you can hire a driver to take you on the safari.

Félicité Island, Seychelles

If you are itching for a luxurious holiday in the African sun away from the crowds, Félicité Island, in the Seychelles is the perfect location. The Seychelles is a popular group of islands in the Indian Ocean but while most people head to the three main islands, you can book a stay on Félicité Island. With stunning crystal clear waters, white sand, and tropical foliage, Félicité Island is a true paradise waiting to be discovered. However, you must book early because the only accommodation on the island is the Six Sense Zils Payson, which is expensive but worth the money.

Some of the other underrated spots to visits in Africa include Korhogo in the Ivory Coast, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Santo Antão in Cape Verde, and Okavango Delta in Botswana.
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