Dump Random Proxy Generators for Your Own Rotating Proxy

Dump Random Proxy Generators for Your Own Rotating Proxy

Sometimes, hiding IP addresses becomes a necessity. Chances are that you can't access something because of the location or other limitations. This is when generating a new IP address. While generating a random IP address is easy, it can cause you deep trouble. This post is about rotating proxies and why you should dump random proxy generators.

Risks associated with random IP generators

Generating a free random IP gives you access to a new address, perhaps from a country or region, and you won't get security and privacy. It won't protect your identity on the internet filled with all kinds of cyber threats. Below listed are some reasons why steering clear of random IP proxies is a good idea.
• It will compromise your personal information
• Most of the IP addresses are sourced illegally or unethically
• You get poor-quality IPs and is unreliable

What is a rotating proxy?

Typically, a rotating proxy involves a process of switching automatically from one IP to another when a request is made. Although the process is done manually, you can't get the URLs in line for scraping. Rather, you have to assign a proxy and send a request. 
Next, you assign another proxy and send another request.

And, it goes on and on. This shows how inefficient the process could be. However, there is automatic proxy rotation as well. In that case, you need an intermediary that acts as a proxy for your proxy. As such, you don't have to search through the entire list of IPs. The server works on your behalf after receiving a command from you. 

Here are the steps involved.
• You send a request to the management server of the proxy
• It will pick a proxy randomly or otherwise specified and send the request
• The proxy will send the request to the target webpage and extract the data
• The response reaches you through the same route

These steps are repeated until you get the information you need. Each request will go through a new proxy that connects to the website. That way, a rotating proxy doesn't require extra work from you. The automation will gather information in abundance without your effort.

Benefits of using a rotating proxy

In general, web scrapers focus on specific websites as their prime target such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, and so on. However, these platforms implement certain methods to stop web scrapers or slow down their process.
Because web scraping has been increasingly popular, websites are bound to work on countermeasures. So, it becomes a necessity to rotate your IPs. Or else, captchas and constant IP blocks will be frequent. The benefits of using rotating proxies are as follows.

1. It helps bypass request throttling

Websites tend to reduce the navigation speed of the bots through request throttling. It limits the requests that a visitor makes during a stipulated timeframe. After the limit expires, a CAPTCHA page opens up for the bot to respond. If they fail, the IP can't continue web scraping.

When you rotate your proxies, there is no need for intervention. That way, you can scrape about ten times more regarding the proxies you have. With a large pool of proxies, you get unlimited scraping abilities.

2. It distributes the requests among the proxy pool

Rotating proxy makes sure that you aren't using the same IP over again. Without a rotating proxy, the same IP will work until it gets blocked. When one IP stops, you have to get another active one. It makes the proxies a finite resource used to collect data.
Web scraping needs concurrent requests and rotating proxies are the best solution. Sending 40 requests simultaneously will raise red flags. The IP will be blocked immediately. Rotating the proxies allows you to push your limits without worrying about getting blocked.

3. Anonymity is the key

One of the remarkable benefits of proxy rotation is the anonymity it provides to the user. Several websites implement countermeasures to find bots and block them. Web scrapers use the internet faster compared to normal users.
A rotating proxy helps you swap between IPs constantly while avoiding sending more requests from one address. As a result, the websites find the traffic as separate visitors without a common connection between them.

Choosing the right rotating proxy service provider

There is no shortage of rotating proxy providers. Choosing a provider and realizing that it wasn't good is quite common. Thankfully, reputed providers offer a free package, a money-back policy, or a trial period. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, visit here.
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