Applications Of Pressure Control In The Chemical Industry

Applications Of Pressure Control In The Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, various hazardous chemicals are involved in many processes. They can be harmful to the systems and the workers if they are not managed properly. Having a strong control over the process variables is crucial in the chemical industry to prevent all kinds of harm. That’s why it’s vital to keep the pressure ranges low to enhance the efficiency and safety of the system. For this, a pressure controller is installed because it has the ability to not let the pressure increase from the maximum allowable limit of the system.

Below we have listed some applications of pressure control in the chemical industry:

Bioreactor Control:

In the chemical industry, some processes require a special environment where a specific temperature is necessary to maintain. A bioreactor helps to form a biological environment, aerobic or anaerobic. The product is formed by the organisms and the bioreactor controls the environmental factors like the temperature, Ph and oxygen level for the accurate happening of the process with the help of an electronic pressure control.


This is an important chemical reaction that is necessary to perform under a controlled environment. Basically, it’s a chemical reaction between molecular hydrogen and other compounds and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food and petrochemical industries. This process happens under the set temperature and pressure for increasing the density of the hydrogen and enhancing the rate of reaction. To maintain the correct pressure and temperature a pressure controller is utilized. This device lowers the pressure and maintains the required pressure until the completion of the process.

Flow Chemistry:

This is a way to perform a process over batch chemistry. It has a lot of advantages including consistent quality, enhanced efficiency and easy scale-up. In it, two or more two reagents are mixed properly through a reactor while the pressure, flow and temperature are controlled with the help of proportional flow control. Controlling the pressure is crucial in flow chemistry for controlling the phase, residence time, and speed of the reaction and for maintaining equilibrium.

Provides an Element of Safety:

In the chemical industry, there are many compounds that can be very dangerous. They can be abrasive, corrosive, sticky and highly toxic. That’s why, there is a great need to have a strong control over pressure and other factors that have a direct impact on the happening of a process. To bring reliability and to maintain safety, a proportional valve controller is widely used in the chemical industry where it serves as an important part of a process by keeping the pressure low and other process variables under control.

Final Words:

Today, a high-pressure controller has become an essential need of the chemical industry. They ensure the smooth operation of various equipment and systems while reducing the risk of damage. The corrosive chemicals can affect the construction material of the pressure control and can become the reason for malfunctioning. That’s why, choosing the right control device for the chemical industry requires great care and focus.
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